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Surviving The Pralaya - In a Van


Many people these days are looking for ways to somehow live free as the globalists are methodically tightening the screws on humanity. The plan of the globallists is not a secret - exterminate 7.2 billion of us and maintain the population of the Earth at below 500 million. This is the outcome of the pralaya that started with the introduction of COVID19.

Van Life

One popular idea is to convert a van into a mobile home, or use an existing recreational vehicle. Travel light, live in remote areas, move frequently, and leave a small footprint. This will work for a while, until the "vaccine" is ready and the laws come that make not taking the injection a criminal offense.

Those of us who refuse the injection that is coming around Christmas, will be in the minority.  Maybe as low as 10% of the population, when they are told to either take the injection or be branded as a criminal against humanity, will try to run and hide. If you have a van, you are golden - for a while.

But, there are several significant issues:

  1. Soon you will run out of gas and no gas station will be allowed to sell you gasoline because you do not have the required "medical ID" - hence you are an outlaw.  Yes, there will be black market gasoline, if you can find it.
  2. Same problem with food - "no shoes, no shirt, no medical ID, no service". You will be looking for food in the black market. It is difficult to grow food when you cannot stay in any location for very long.
  3. No place to live - you will be banned from entering all public land, traveling on public roads (check points will be very popular as a means of catching the "criminals") and only those who are also "outlaws' will let you stay on their property, until they lose that property when they are arrested. Small family or single person farms will not survive for more than a few months.

Your life as a criminal will not be very peaceful and probably not very long.

Why will this happen to you? Karma is the root cause. If you can balance enough of your karma to achieve Moksha Level 1, you will have a much better opportunity for surviving the pralaya. If you can get up to Level of Consciousness 900, then you will have a pretty easy go of it.

This likely Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 scenario can only be survived with certainty in a large group of invincible individuals who will create an Invincible Community.

To totally and safely disconnect from the illusions of society and focus on what really matters in life, you can join a Goloka Sanctuary Community. Apply here: https://www.golokaproject.org/join

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