Yogastha Kuru Karmani


yogastha kuru karmaniThe Bhagavad Gita provides us with comprehensive details on how to achieve all five levels of Moksha. Lord Krishna gave this important instruction on achieving Moksha to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita (chapter 2 verse 48): "yogastha kuru karmani", which means "established in union with Me, perform action." This is exactly the definition of Moksha. But what does it mean to be established in union with Krishna? And, how is that to be accomplished?

Due to the nature of existence, we can only accomplish this "union with Krishna" with meditation that is composed of two simultaneous practices:

  1. Dharana - this is the technique of effortlessly thinking a transcending mantra. This mantra must be a special sound vibration that will balance karmic traces with which it comes into contact.
  2. Dhyana - this is the technique of identifying with the Silent Witness that is always there, deep in the mind. The experience is a state of timeless bliss in which you are not thinking the mantra. No, your conscious thinking mind is doing that. You are simply the Silent Witness of the process of Dharana.

Dhyana is the key to "successful" meditation; that is, meditation which leads to Cosmic Consciousness (Moksha Level 1) and beyond. With Dharana only, you are actually just engaging in something akin to "positive thinking" and you will never achieve Moksha.

The human mind exists on three levels, as illustrated in the image below:

Human Mind with KoshasThere are also 3 levels of karmic traces. Just meditating in the conscious thinking mind is only affecting the top 10% of the karmic traces. Yes, you will notice good benefits from this type of superficial meditation if you use the correct mantra because every day you will be balancing the tips of the karmic traces that are actually manifesting in your life. Your health will improve as you clip off the tops of the negative health karmic traces, and your prosperity may improve as you clip off the tips of the negative financial karmic traces. You will notice improvements in your relationships as you balance the superficial levels of the negative relationship karmic traces. You will even enjoy greater support of Nature, but not at a significant level.

Basically you will not make very much progress toward Moksha. If you keep up this type of meditation every day, you will only keep the weeds in check. It is like cutting off the weeds in the lawn at the ground level. They appear to be gone until the next few days pass and they are back again! Obviously you know, in the business of weed control, that you must pull up the weed by its root or somehow kill the root of the weed. In meditation, it is the same with karmic traces. Unless you think the mantra in the pranamaya kosha mind (the subconscious mind), you will not balance these deeper root levels of karmic traces. But if you do, you will still not be able to make lasting, building progress because the karmic traces will come back from their deep roots in the manomaya kosha mind.

So, ultimately, to reach Moksha, which arises spontaneously when enough karmic traces are balanced at the level of the manomaya kosha, you must think the mantra (perform Dharana) in the manomaya kosha mind (the unconscious mind). If you have been meditating with the correct mantra for more than 7 years and are not experiencing Cosmic Consciousness, then you have not been thinking the mantra in the manomaya kosha mind for enough of your time of meditation. If you think the mantra from the level of the manomaya kosha mind for 3 to 7 years, you will balance significant deep rooted karmic traces to begin experiencing Cosmic Consciousness (witnessing your physical life from the Silent Witness, 24x7).

The process of meditation (Dharana) is like a snow plow, clearing the road ahead for the vehicle to continue to make progress on the road. When you begin meditation, karmic traces on the level of the anamaya kosha are balanced and that clears the way for the mind to transcend to the pranamaya kosha for the practice of Dharana. Dhyana is the driver of that snow plow. If you do not incorporate Dhyana into your meditation practice, you will not take advantage of this opening to transcend to pranamaya kosha. Instead you will just continue to balance superfical karmic traces day after day, year after year. Your snow plow will not move forward.

Have you noticed that your mind is not becoming clear of thoughts during meditation? Your mind is still thinking away as always, day after day. Maybe it is a little bit better but still there are thoughts throughout meditation. Why? These thoughts are coming from karmic traces in the pranamaya kosha that are not even being touched by the mantra. All progress stops, there is no witnessing of sleep, no lucid dreams, no witnessing during the day.

You could continue like this until the body dies, and then what? No Moksha for you and yet another human life will come again someday. Unless you are witnessing for several hours almost every day and night, you will not achieve Moksha on the death of the body.

Dhyana is not difficult to learn. When you sit to meditate, before starting to think the mantra, you must spend about half-a-minute connecting with the silence deep within your mind. This silence is your connection to the Silent Witness. Connect with the Silent Witness and you have effectively transcended to a more subtle level. Then when you think the mantra, it will be from that more subtle level and you will realize that your mind is thinking the mantra and you are just witnessing from the timeless, eternal NOW.  But most important, your Dharana is now balancing deeper levels of karmic traces.

If this is your experience, then you are established in Moksha Level 1 or Cosmic Consciousness (Level of Consciousness 600):

Your experience is peace and complete detachment from identifying with the physical body and conscious thinking mind as who you are, and you witness the activities of the body and mind from Higher Consciousness of the Silent Witness, 24 hours a day, including during sleep. Your emotion is bliss. There is no longer any distinction between the observer and the subject. Your perception becomes one of slow motion, suspended in time and space. Everything is perceived as interconnected by an infinite presence. The process one undergoes is illumination. At all times you feel the silence within and identify with this silence as your true self - you are the Silent Witness. In daily life you witness thoughts and actions of the body as separate from you, as if you are the driver of your body and mind and they are simply your vehicle. You experience a clear dichotomy of mind - active thinking mind and silent witnessing mind. During the night or whenever your body is asleep and still, you remain awake as the Silent Witness and can feel the silence within and you identify this silence as your true self and witness the sleeping of your body. You watch your body go to sleep and throughout the night you are aware of the approximate time and can hear sounds in the environment while your body remains asleep. Your emotion is ineffable, in other words – inexpressible.

Let's investigate further into the nature of the Silent Witness. The interesting thing about the Silent Witness is there is a "Silent Witness" at each level, starting with pranamaya kosha. When you connect with the Silent Witness at the pranamaya kosha level, your Dharana will be balancing the karmic traces at the pranamaya kosha level. Then you will soon clear the way to experience and identify with the Silent Witness at the manomaya kosha level. There you will balance the deep roots of karmic traces and soon Cosmic Consciousness will dawn. As you continue to the vijñanamaya kosha, Moksha Level 2 (God Consciousness will come. Then at the level of anandamaya kosha, you will experience Moksha Level 3 (Unity Consciousness).

Then something magical happens as you transcend anandamaya kosha and enter the eternal omnipresent field of the Absolute and identify with the Silent Witness that exists in your Eternal Absolute Being and Brahman Consciousness will arise spontaneously (Moksha Level 4). But there is still a deeper level of the Silent Witness, which we call the Divine Silent Witness. This is the ultimate realization of who you really are. This is Krishna, who is the Divine Silent Witness of all. Moksha Level 5 arises spontaneously as you identify yourself as the Divine Silent Witness.

Connect with your Silent Witness, identify with that Silent Witness as who you really are, and the Silent Witness will lead you to deeper and deeper levels of your own Self. This is the fundamental instruction of Krishna for how to achieve Moksha.

How will I know that I am connected to the Silent Witness?

What does it feel like to connect to the Silent Witness? You will feel a shift in your awareness and perspective. You will feel like you are watching your mind and body at it meditates. There will be the feeling that your body is sitting up effortlessly, as if being held up by some invisible force; almost like there is a cord attached to your head that is pulling you up. You will sit up straight and it will be so easy to sit like that. You will feel that you can sit here and think the mantra forever. Time changes; your perspective of tmie changes. The transition from being embedded in the conscious thinking mind to being the Silent Witness is clear. You see that in the mind there is the mantra and there are thoughts, but you are not thinking - it is clearly the mind that is thinking. You are just watching and you feel supported by the Universe, as opposed to being the one who has to put forth the effort to "stay afloat". You feel bouyed up by this invisible force that surrounds you. There is a feeling of great satisfaction and fulfillment and desirelessness.

Ok, that sounds wonderful, but I cannot do it. I cannot connect with and identify with the Silent Witness. Whenever I try, nothing changes. I do not have any of the above experiences. What am I doing wrong?

You would benefit by having a session with someone who can connect with the Silent Witness. This ability to connect with and identify as the Silent Witness is possible for every human being who can consciously think thoughts. But it may take come guidance to achieve this experience. In addition to personal guidance or even in place of it, you can use the Nirvana Vitara to guide you into this experience. When you are experiencing life as the Silent Witness, your brain is established in Theta frequency. So you can use the Nirvana Vitara to create this Theta frequency in your brain and that will lift you up into the Silent Witness. Or if your vision needs improvement, the Perfect Vision Vitara will also create the same influence as the Nirvana Vitara, plus it will strengthen and heal your eyes so they can see better.

I don't know how to meditate the way you describe. How can I learn?

The best way to get started meditating is to attend one of the new Re-Engineering Your Life retreats. These are available at various locations and also there is an online version.


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