We have been writing about the pralaya since July, 2014. The first article that mentions this term is: The Inside Story. This article was published along with the MVU course The Agents of the Pralaya, created at the same time. Since 1975 when the pralaya should have begun, the well-wishers of humanity have been able to postpone its onset, which was predicted to be a world-wide series of disasters that would eventually reduce the population of the Earth to 500 million. In the Vedic Literature, this is how pralayas are described; as a rather sudden destruction of the Earth that closes the Day of Brahma at the end of Kali Yuga.

However, this pralaya would be different because there would not be a total destruction of the Earth this time. Instead it would be a world-wide reset to restablish Kala Yuga on a solid footing to continue for another 427,000 years when it should naturally end. This pralaya reset would produce an artifact of a 10,000-year Sat Yuga that would come to be known as the Krishna Golden Age, as predicted by Krishna when He left the Earth at the end of His Incarnation in 3102 BCE.

Now we see the true nature of this pralaya, which we have labeled "pralaya 2.0" to indicate it is a new version of the same old pralaya. Only this time the destruction of the Earth will be partial and will occur gradually over the next several years, unless there can be a way to balance world collective consciousness karma in a way that will be less destructive of human life.

The end result of the pralaya 2.0 must be a balancing of world collective karma that will reset Kali Yuga to allow it to continue for another 427,000 years. It is not necessary that this reset should cause untold suffering and death to billions of people, but that is one way it can happen. Fortunately, we have been given an alternative way to balance world collective karma, with the Ekam Vitara Network.

Ekam Vitara Network

Pralaya 2.0

What has changed recently that tells us we are now in the pralaya?  Lingchi (Chinese: ??) or "the death by a thousand cuts", which we believe is represented by the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, also known as the coronavirus, plus the introduction of 5G, both in the city of Wuhan, China, mark the start of the pralaya 2.0. The following video recaps these events:

5G and Coronavirus = Lingchi

In this video there is the coronavirus mortality study that estimates 68 million deaths from the first pass of this SARS disease caused by COVID-19. At a mortality rate of 15% for the first exposure, they expect 433 million people will contract the disease. However, this is a epidemic disease that will reinfect people over and over again. The first time a person contracts SARS caused by COVID-19, there is a 15% death rate. If a person recovers and contracts SARS again, the COVID-19 virus will have mutated to a different strain that is more deadly. We do not know yet the mortality rate of the second exposure but from the limited number of cases it will probably be well over 50%. If one survives the second case of the disease, then the third time will probably be even more deadly. Bill Gates once said on a TED talk about population control (eugenics), "if we do a really good job with vaccines, we could reduce world population by 15%." See the video below. That may sound like an oxymoron, vaccines are supposed to save lives, not kill people. But Mr. Gates and those who create the vaccines know, the agenda for vaccination is to actually kill the patient with the toxins in the vaccine.

Bill Gates TED Talk - Elminate ALL CO2

Of course, eliminating CO2 is very stupid - this will kill all plant life on Earth! Anyone who has taken high school biology knows that plants breathe in CO2 and exhale pure Oxygen, which the people and animals need to survive. All in the name of eliminating the fiticious "global warming" to "save the Earth." Yes, we will have saved the Earth but it will have no plants and no animals on it!

We have not even touched on the threat of 5G, which began in Wuhan, China on Halloween of 2019. By now most of China's major cities are fully under the spell of 5G and many countries are close behind in their implementation of this unproven, untested technology that could be even more dangerous than the coronavirus. This video touches on the threat of 5G:


Our course of action is clear: we must implement the Ekam Vitara Network worldwide to raise the Level of Consciousness of the collective consciousness and this will completely eliminate the need for any collective consciousness karma balancing.  How would this actually work?

We are all connected. All human being and in fact all life on Earth, form a complete totality of life. We are all working to balance the mountain ranges of karma of the human race, of which each one of us inherited from our parents. To raise one's Level of Consciousness, one has to balance some of the individual karmic traces inherited from the ancestors. When someone reaches Moksha, 16 million people are pulled up to a higher Level of Consciousness, according to Sir David Hawkins, MD, PhD. You see, each one of us is actually related by our ancestors to 760 million people on Earth right now. There are only ten family trees that include all 7.6 billion of the human family alive today. So each one of us is directly connected to 10% of the world's population. This means the karma you balance to achieve Moksha is shared with 760 million people so they all have a lighter load of karma when you achieve Moksha. For 16 million of this group, your closest family members, the change is more significant.

The Ekam Vitara Network is a powerful collective consciousness that is much higher than world collective consciousness. Currently, over 6 billion people are living in fear, anger, poverty and apathy. This is levels 20 to 175 on the Twenty Levels of Consciousness scale, illustrated below;

20 Levels of Human ConsciousnessCurrently, the Ekam Vitara Network is a collective consciousness at Level 438. So the Network is already helping to raise world collective consciousness. When we reach 100,000 Members, the Network will have raised world collective consciousness high enough that both 5g and the coronavirus will become irrelevant; they will cease to cause suffering and loss of human lives - pralaya 2.0 will be stopped dead in its tracks.

But this level of 100,000 Members is only sufficient to temporarily halt the advance of pralaya 2.0 for a while. To actually reset world collective consciousness and usher in the Krishna Golden Age, we need 1 million Members and an average Level of Consciousness for the Network of 600. This will pull world collective consciousness up to at least 350. This means the common experience of the people on Earth will be:

You have the feeling of acceptance and realize that you are THE creator and source of your life, as opposed to having relegated part of your power to someone else or a different entity. You are aware of the social constructs present in your life, whether family, society, nation, religion, or work, and you are able to discern against (limiting) beliefs, viewpoints, and social conditioning, and can consciously craft your life above and beyond these social constructs. Your behavior is acceptance vs. rejection, seeking for resolution vs. judging whether something is right or wrong, having a long-term vs. short-term view, engaging in life harmoniously based on its terms vs. resisting it, and striving for excellence and growth. Forgiveness is the dominant emotion. Your life view here is harmonious.

This will be a world where there is no poverty, no fear, no anger, no apathy, no war. Only peace and prosperity for all.

Ekam Vitara


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