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Manifesting Goloka Sanctuary Communities from Pure Consciousness with the Goloka Project Community Manifestation Vitara


The Power of Samyama

As practitioners of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali for achieving full human potential in life, we know the power of the technique of Samyama. We can apply this technique to manifest our Communities with the help of the Goloka Project Community Manifestation Vitara.

Yoga Sutras Mirror

The Manifestation Vitara consists of a God Vitara with special frequency modules, plus a guided manifestation meditation with powerful Silent Subliminals that will allow you to quickly and easily manifest your Community.

First, let's see how the guided manifestation meditation works.

Manifestation from Pure Consciousness arises from the Samyama Technique. With Samyama, there are these three aspects:

  1. Dharana - thinking the sutra "dhyatva" while imagining some aspect of the target Community. This could be the Community as a whole from a bird's eye view, or some detail of the Community, such as the Meditation Dome or a housing triplex.
  2. Dhyana - always remaining established as the Silent Witness when the conscious thinking mind is performing Dharana and witnessing this performance of the conscious think mind from this Higher Consciousness.
  3. Samadhi - established as the Silent Witness and witnessing only Pure Consciousness, with no content in the mind; no thoughts, no expectations, no desires

In practice, one will imagine something about the Community (we call this the target) at a chosen point in the future, briefly, for about 1-3 seconds, in the greatest detail possible. Choose your point in the future to see the development of the roads and the construction of the buildings and features, or go ahead a couple of years and see the fully manifested Community with 1,000 residents. Engage all of the senses in this imagining; i.e., see the target, hear sounds coming from the target, smell the scents of the target, feel the air of the target and taste the target (is it salty, fresh, pungent, etc.). Only 1-3 seconds is allowed for this step, but if you are established in the Silent Witness, you have all the time in the world during these few seconds. Then let go of your imagination with its images and thoughts about the target. Come back to the Silent Witness with no object in the mind at all. Do not do anything. No expectation. No wishing. No thinking about the target. Nothing. Just Be in innocence and witness Pure Consciousness.

Then, if you are successful in your Samadhi, the magic happens. The manifestation of the Community arises and it will always surprise you to find you are witnessing a full Lucid Dream on the screen of your mind. When the imagination becomes real in your consciousness, you will feel your physical body become more erect, and sitting effortlessly as the prana body steps in to fully support it. Now you can dive into the dream and explore the Community with all of your senses. Fly around and see what is there. In this process of exploring your Community in detail, you are actually creating it in the future. At first only faint energy patterns are created, then as you continue the practice and others join in, these energy patterns become stronger and organize the physical development of the Community.

Important: While engaged in your Lucid Dream of your Community, you should put all your attention in the dream and do not continue to think the sutra until the dream collapses. Then when you find you are out of the dream of your Community, resume the process of thinking the sutra and imagining the Community. The next entry into the dream will be easier because you can imagine you are still in last dream. Soon, you will return to the same Lucid Dream that you just left.

During this Waking Induced Lucid Dream (WILD) you will be viewing the Community as it exists in some future time. This is a Remote Viewing process but much more than that because by your intention you are literally manifesting the Community you are Remote Viewing. If you are just getting started and have not even acquired the land for your Community, then first use this technique to manifest the ideal 400 Acres (162 Hectares), complete with abundant water, excellent building sites, and beautiful views, and intend to know the exact location of this land.

Achieving Brahman Consciousness

We are all the Creator of this Universe - there is only one Being here and you are that Being. This is the realization and experience of Brahman Consciousness. But even if you have not yet reached Level of Consciousness 900, you do have some creative ability and you can participate to change the Dream of the Universe. The only thing blocking the experience of Brahman Consciousness is your collection of karmic traces. Karmic traces are like clouds in front of the sun, blocking it from view. As you participate in this Manifestation Vitara assisted Samyama Meditation, all karmic traces that are blocking the manifestation of your Community will be balanced. Then your Community will literally manifest in the physical realm.

When we first start thinking about joining or creating a Community for 1,000 people, many questions arise:

  • How much will this cost?
  • How much of my time will it take?
  • Where are we going to find 1,000 spiritual people who want only to achieve the highest level of Moksha
  • Where does all the money to create this Community come from?
  • How do we find the appropriate vacant land?
  • and on and on and on ...

But you do not need to think about all of this. You are like Arjuna and Krishna is your Charioteer. Your job is very simple, aim your arrow and let it go. Krishna will take care of the arrow finding its mark. You only have to vividly imagine your Community and let go. Krishna will create it.

Krishna Charioteer of Arjuna

Outcomes of This Practice

There are three outcomes from this practice:

  1. You will manifest a wonderful Community for yourself and 999 others that will support your Blissful life as you achieve perfect health, a long life in the direction of immortality, and Moksha Level 5 - Krishna Consciousness
  2. You will contribute maximum to the development of the 1,000 Communities around the world
  3. You will rise to Brahman Consciousness

The ramifications of these three outcomes is vast - think about it.

In practice, this can take very little extra time out of your day, if you are already meditating. You will simply replace some of your normal time of meditation with this Manifestation Vitara assisted meditation. If you practice this Manifestation Vitara assisted meditation for 90 minutes, twice a day, you will manifest your Community and attain Brahman Consciousness in 3 to 5 years.

What about the benefits that come from our normal meditation? You can still continue that practice for 1 or 2 sessions a day, depending on your available time, and will not lose anything, in fact you will gain significantly. You will achieve Brahman Consciousness and find yourself in your beautiful Community very soon and then you can practice the techniques for levitation, pranic energy lifestyle, total integration of prana body and physical body, reversal of aging, and all that we can accomplish in this human life. We are just taking a brief time to manifest a wonderful place to live - for ourselves and our loved ones and to do our part in support of Krishna's blessing to our world family with lives of peace, prosperity and happiness in the coming Satyug Golden Age.

The Structure of the Meditation Session

Let's look at the structure of the meditation session. If you have not found the land for your Community yet, bring up a Google Earth view of the section of your area where you want to locate your community and print that. Then place that printout before you at the start of each meditation until you have located the land for the Community. Once you have the land located, create a Google Earth view of the land and save that to an image, then add icons that are created in the same scale as the image, to the image in the approximate locations for each Community feature. Print out this image and look at it and place it before you as you practice this meditation. See the image below for an example of how we created the montage for our Santo Tomas, Mexico Community.

Ensenada Mexico Community Plan with all Features

You will need a journal to record your intentions and experiences. You can write this intention at the start of each session and your experiences at the end of each session.

  1. Begin each session by forming your intention clearly for the session; i.e., if you need to find the land for your Community, that should be the intention for a session until the land is discovered. So, have a "land search" every day until the ideal property is found. Start your land search at a point in time 60 days in advance of the present moment. Soon the land will be found. You can focus on a particular feature of your Community and explore your Communty from that starting point. For example, your Community will have a large meditation dome where all members can come for meditations every day. You could start there. Choose a point 1 year in the future or 2 years in the future. As you become more connected with your Community, you can vary the target time to see the full development of your Community, from building the infrastructure, such as roads, water system, energy systems (solar, geo-thermal, hydo-electric, etc.), then on to the construction of the buildings, and finally the finished Community with a full population. Write down in your journal the intention for the session, and the date and time of the session.
  2. Sit in a comfortable meditation posture, put on your God Vitara and select a random Nirvana module, start the Goloka Community Manifestation Virtual Vitara audio and close the eyes.
  3. At the end of the session, write down what you experienced in detail. Take 5 to 10 minutes to record in your journal.

The structure of the meditation is a brief instruction, followed by eight timed sutras "dhyatva", which means "imagine" in Sankskrit, after the sutra is 14 seconds of silence. After 8 repetitions, the audio appears to become totally silent. In practice, you will think the sutra "dhyatva" ("a" is long for both of them) and imagine your intention simultaneously, e.g., imagine an arial view of the Community land, complete with GPS coordinates, see the trees, lakes, streams, and all the details of the ideal parcel of land; or see the Community Centrum and all the people in the area, either from the ground as one of the people or from the sky, looking down. This should be a very brief period of imagination, lasting no more than 3 seconds. Try to engage all 5 senses in the imagination. Then back to the Silent Witness and no thoughts, no expectation, no anticipation, nothing at all, for the balance of the 15 seconds. Continue this Samyama for the entire time of the meditation. If you practice Tri-mana Samyama, try adding that to the meditation.

The Silent Subliminals in this Virtual Vitara include the entire Brahma Sutras for cultivating Level 4 Moksha. This adds to the efficacy of the whole meditation.

God Vitara Headband - Super Nirvana Vitara

The God Vitara Headband is worn during the meditation with the frequency generator module to create brain wave entrainment in the Theta frequency band, which is the Nirvana series used by the Nirvana Vitara. As a side benefit, which is significant, your brain will be creating new neurons throughout the session and these will be Satyug neurons that support an IQ of 100,000. So, over time your IQ will increase and benefit you in many ways. Read about the Nirvana Vitara here. Your God Vitara becomes a super Nirvana Vitara with the three additional Vedic Vitara Antennas.

God Vitara Headband and 4 VV Ant

If you are having any trouble engaging a Waking Induced Lucid Dream and you have not taken the Remote Viewing Course, then do that and it will help. You can also benefit from the Lucid Dreaming Course. If you have taken these courses and still cannot seem to get a WILD going, this is caused by some karmic trace blockage. The Silent Subliminals of the meditation will quickly balance the karmic traces and then you will be able to induce the WILD of your Community and start contributing to its manifestation.

If you do not practice the Atmavedi Advanced Meditation Programme or the TM-Sidhis Program, then you will need instruction in one of these before you can effectively use this Vitara. This instruction is included in your Invincibility Shield Vitara. The Goloka Project Community Manifestation Vitara is also included with the Invincibility Shield Vitara.

The Community Invincibility Shield

Manifestation Virtual Vitara Script

The script for this meditation is below:

Please sit in a comfortable meditation posture, with back erect, Lotus or Padma Asana is ideal, and close the eyes. Have a picture of your Community in front of you.

Find the silence that is always there in the depths of the mind.

Become that Silence, this is the Silent Witness.

You are this Silent Witness.

Now, watch the conscious thinking mind from this Higher Consciousness perspective. Let the mantra go, follow the mantra to the deepest level of consciousness.

In your conscious thinking mind, think the mantra and continue with Dharana and Dhyana for the next 20 minutes.

[after 3 minutes] Now begin Tri-Sama Samyama - notice how the mantra continues. Hare Krishna Hare Rama and imagine Krishna and Radha in Goloka. Back to the Self - Samadhi. [after 12 seconds]  Hare Krishna Hare Rama.

[20 minutes from the start has passed]

Begin the sutra "Aham Brahmasmi" and imagine you are the Creator of this Universe. Continue this Samyama for the next few minutes.

Then, think the sutra "sahasra ashram samskrita sahasra bhaktah:"

Imagine 1,000 Goloka Sanctuary Communities all around the Earth, in every country, radiating the influence of Higher Consciousness to all the people in the area, like lighthouses in a dark night

Come back to Pure Consciousness / the Silent Witness

Be in this state of Pure Consciousness, with no thoughts, no expectation, just BE in the present moment, beyond time and space.

After a few minutes, begin the sutra "dhyatva"

Imagine - imagine your Community target of land or completed Community at some future time if you already have identified the land. Imagine a particular feature and inspect it closely, feel the air, see the beautiful features, smell the aromas, touch the feature and listen to the sounds.

Continue dhyatva, imagine the Community, and back to the Silent Witness every 15 seconds until your Lucid Dream ignites.

When your dream fades away, resume dhyatva cycle again 

[57 minutes total meditation time]

Jai Guru Dev


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