Santo Tomas Mexico Goloka Sanctuary Community

Santo Tomas Mexico Goloka Sanctuary Community Plan with all Features

Here are some of the features of the Santo Tomas Goloka Community, located about 50km south of Ensenada (starting top right of the above image):

  • Solar Panel covered parking lot for all private vehicles. We want to keep our Community, located in a beautiful canyon that leads directly to the Pacific Ocean, clean. Sort of like taking off your shoes before entering the house.
    Solar Parking Lot
    - we will use electric golf carts, electric bikes, conventional bikes, walking and the Bullet Train for internal community transportation.
    Solar Powered Golf Cart
    The golf carts have solar panels on the roof and it is always sunny in Mexico, so every cart will always be fully charged and ready to take you through the beautiful canyon with its fifteen miles of green asphalt cart / bicycle paths. On one side of these roads is a soft bark covered foot path for walking and jogging, and on the other side is a horse trail for the more than 200 riding horses that are stabled in large barns central to each of the housing neighborhoods.
  • The Bullet Train: this is an elevated electric train that silently glides 12 to 20 feet above the canyon floor, operated from a simple push button control panel, like a horizontal elevator - there are several destinations, such as Neighborhood 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Centrum, Golf Course, and Gardens. At each destination there is a station that is an elevated (track high) open pavilion where up to 100 people can gather to board the train, which has a single 50-foot car that will accommodate the people. The car is like a subway car with seating around the periphery and poles and straps for standing in the center. The train is powered by the energy from solar panels on the roofs of the pavilions with batteries located in the floor for nighttime use.
  • 16 5-bedroom Villas, each with a private swimming pool, on 1 acre landscaped lots, in the mountains overlooking the Centrum. Each villa is self-sufficient for electrical energy with solar panels on the roof and batteries and controllers installed in a utility shed.
    5-Bedroom Villas
  • 124 Triplex Apartment Buildings, with 1,2,3 and 4-bedroom apartments. Each apartment building is self-sufficient for electrical energy with solar panels on the roof and batteries and controllers installed in a utility shed.
    Santo Tomas Triplex 1
    Santo Tomas Triplex 2
  • In the Community Centrum is found MahaVideha University and MahaVideha School (a total of 6 buildings) where hundreds gather daily to enjoy their increasing creativity.  Each building is self-sufficient for electrical energy with solar panels on the roof and batteries and controllers installed in a nearby utility shed. The University is designed to accommodate 250 students as well as the School.

    MVU Logo 3D   MahaVideha School Logo
  • Meditation Dome modeled after the Auroville Dome and is 220 feet in diameter so it is large enough to accommodate all 1,000 Community Residents. Each round cell in the roof of the dome that can face the sun is a solar cell. The energy produced by the dome is used for the dome and the Krishna Lake. Here is where everyone gathers to explore the depths of Group Dynamics of Consciousness Meditation to rise to full Brahman Consciousness and simultaneously life the collective consciousness of the five million people living in the area surrounding the Community to LOC 350
    Meditation Dome
  • Krishna Lake Goloka Projector - this is an oval lake 200 feet by 300 feet, 4 feet deep maximum, lined with Shungite sand for miraculous healing properties. There is a water fall at each end and a Radha Krishna statue fountain in the center. The statue is 12 feet tall and made of resin, painted realistically. Inside the statue is a large quartz crystal that is connected to an amplifier which is broadcasting the entire Rig Veda into the Prana Field. There are also transducers in the lake that fill the water with these healing vibrations. The Lake is a large Goloka Projector that projects its Satyug influence throughout the Community. Water has Epsom Salts dissolved in it and it purified by 3 filters with UV lights. There are lights underwater all around the perimeter and in the center. The water is maintained at 99 degrees Fahrenheit. The center fountain is connected to the well and bubbles up in the lotus flowers that the statue stands on to keep the lake full and there are spillways at each end, under the water falls to drain off excess water. There is no swimming in the lake, instead one will float on the back in the warm water for up to 1 hour and enjoy healing of all problems in the body.
    Krishna Lake Goloka Projector
  • Ayurvedic Health Center is the place for herbal supplements, Krishna C60 Amrit, panca karma deep oil massage, Shirodhara Therapy. The building is self-sufficient for electrical energy with solar panels on the roof and batteries and controllers installed in a nearby utility shed. This is the center of the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme for age-reversal and life-extension, leading to the development of a Satyug Physiology that one can maintain in the physical realm for thousands of years in youthful vigor and perfect health.
    Ayurvedic Health Center


  • Recreation center with 300 foot circular swimming pool that has a clamshell dome to cover it during the night and in cool weather so the pool is usable year around, plus a Pilates Studio, Yoga Studio, Racquetball courts, Tennis courts, playground with water slide for the children, Basketball court, and Fitness Gym. The building is self-sufficient for electrical energy with solar panels on the roof and batteries and controllers installed in a nearby utility shed.

    Recreation Center
  • The community is self-sufficient for food with Organic Gardens and green houses for fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Plus, most of the triplexes have an organic garden that grows one crop, such as mangos, broccoli, tomatoes, cashews, avocados, etc. There are solar arrays on the roofs of the greenhouses and batteries and controllers located in a nearby shed.
    Organic Gardens
  • There is also an Ahimsa Dairy for 12 cows quartered in a barn with a large grass field surrounding it
  • There are 100 horses, quartered in 10 stables that are positioned within the housing communities
  • The Canyon is a very long Central Park, with a green asphalt path for golf carts and bikes, a bark covered jogging path, and a separate horse path. Among the many trees are broad grass fields and 10-foot-tall painted resin statues of Vedic personalities such as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Parvati, Ganesha, Indra, Ascended Masters, Gandharvas and Apsaras. These latter three are about six foot tall. The central arroyo is paved with broad, flat stones that are set in sand so there is drainage into the aquafers.
  • 18-hole championship golf course occupies 120 acres at the southernmost tip of the canyon.
    Golf Course

This community will have everything to enjoy a life of peace, happiness and great progress to Moksha. It will take 2-3 years to build the full Community and all amenities, but the Community will be open to move into by March of 2021 using an array of buildings from Pacific Yurts (https://www.yurts.com). We will be establishing these luxury Yurts on the edge of the canyon near the central well. The IMA Team of 40 will move in along with anyone else who wants to join early and leave the great reset chaos behind. These buildings will to provide transitional housing for new Members.

Our building strategy is to build as the need arises and new Members join and purchase their Memberships, in blocks of 40 families. So, there will be 10 building phases throughout the first 3 years. During each phase some dwellings and some Community buildings will be established. We will plan these phases carefully to minimize the disturbance of residents. The first phase will be launched pre-building permit by using temporary buildings and the existing well and septic system.

Here are some pictures of the luxury Yurts:

Goloka Logo
The Goloka Project
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