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Join Our Affiliate Network and Receive up to $1,380 per Shield plus Massive Downline Commissions


It's never been EASIER to make money by referring people to The Goloka Project

We offer an exciting affiliate program with huge commissions. And getting started is as easy as 1-2-3:

Number 1
You promote our site
using the special links and content
we give you
Number 2
Visitors click through
to our site and receive their free gift of an Ekam Vitara Network Membership
Number 3
We contact the new Member and upsell them to an Invincibiliy Shield Vitara, then immediately pay you on the Point Value System that rewards you up to $1,380 per Shield
PLUS your automatically created downline will pay you $ thousands $ more

It's just as simple as that.

There are no complicated forms to fill out. And we don't have minimum order levels or make you wait for quarterly commission checks: we pay you instantly for each completed sale via PayPal. We also use advanced cookie and IP address tracking methods, ensuring you receive your commission - even if a visitor purchases weeks later, or uses cookie-blocking software.

You are promoting only one product, a free Lifetime Ekam Vitara Network Membership [#]. We will then contact your referral, our new Ekam Member, and explain the details about the amazing Invincibility Shield Vitara. It is the purchase of this product that earns you the commissions. There are no high-pressure sales tactics used; we simply provide education and allow your referral to make their own decision. We expect that the Shield Vitara will be desired by at least 40% of your referrals, because of its many benefits:

  1. Opens up the life to living greater values of full human potential by balancing restrictive karma
  2. Increased creativity, intelligence, health, wealth and happiness spontaneously improves as karma is balanced
  3. Rapid progress on the Path of Self-Realization, which is the objective of human existence
  4. Quick advancement to higher Levels of Consciousness
  5. Invincibility sponanteously arises and ensures safety from harm that could arise from governments who are becoming increasingly dominating and controlling. With Invincibility you have the freedom to opt-out of mandatory vaccinations and injections and live your life on your terms.
  6. Entry into the Goloka Sanctuary Communities where Satyug Kaya Kalpa will promote age reversal and life extension with perfect health and youthful vitality - live in a luxury health spa

Invincibility Shield Vitara

Goloka Sanctuary Communities are formed of individuals who have made significant strides in the balancing of their individual karmic traces. These communities are unplugged from the “matrix” of the brain-washed masses of people who will follow the orders of the globalists until their early death. The most likely survivors of the pralaya will be members of spiritual communities, who will emerge to enjoy the Golden Age.

To ensure that all Goloka Sanctuary Community members will be Invincible and hence will add to the overall Invincibility of the Community, all members will have the Goloka Sanctuary Community Invincibility Shield.

The Community Invincibility Shield

The Shield consists of the following:

  1. Ekam Vitara Network[#] – provides the frequencies of the next Level of Consciousness to elevate the member’s Level of Consciousness,while simultaneously contributing maximum to the elevation of world collective consciousness.
  2. MahaYajña Dasha Bhukti Vitara[#] – protects the member from all future karma that has not yet manifested in the life and balances existing negative karmic traces.
  3. God Vitara[#] – magnifies the sadhana of members to rapidly elevate their Level of Consciousness
  4. Goloka Project Community Manifestation Vitara[#] – With this powerful Vitara you will be able to manifest your Community directly from Pure Consciousness using the creation technique of Samyama.
  5. Atmavedi Meditation instruction with Tri-Mana Samyama on Esoteric MahaMantra[#] – this includes
    • Dharana with your transcending mantra
    • Dhyana – connection with the Silent Witness
    • Tri-Mana Samyama on the Esoteric MahaMantra
    • Advanced Meditation Program with Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  6. Via Maestra Instruction[#] – quickly balance karmic traces on the level of relationships in your life with this potent technique

Plus, you will experience totally automatic 5 Point Value payments, strategic placement in your referral base for maximum commissions, support and full commission security. Here is how the 5 Point Value system works: 

Each sale of a Goloka Sanctuary Community Invincibility Shield generates 5 Points, and each Point Value (PV) is worth $340 ($170 for Child Shields, which are half price). One important concept is your downline, composed of all of the people you have referred who have purchased one or more Shields. You will receive 1 PV for your first 2 Shields and all downline sales in your 1A Lane, then 2 PV for your 3rd Shield and for all downline sales in your 2A Lane, and after you and your downline have accumulated 10 sales, you automatically switch to the 3A Lane for 3 PV from your 11th direct sale and all downline and direct sales. When your direct sales plus your downline's referral sales total 20 in your 3A Lane, you are automatically promoted to the 4A Lane and earn 4 PV for your 21st direct sale and all of your 4A Lane downline referral sales thereafter.

Here are 4 different Ranks you can achieve, and the corresponding per unit compensation:

Rank 1A 2A 3A 4A
Units 1-2 3-10 11-20 21+
PV $340 $680 $1,020 $1,360

Your first 2 direct sales must go in your 1A Lane. This means you earn 1 out of 5 PV for these sales. When those in your 1A Lane (your 1A downline) refer sales, you will earn 1 PV for these downline sales as well. And not just from their direct sale referrals but from their  downline's referrals as well. Everyone you refer becomes a member of your downline in the Lane where the sale took place, and your Total Organization (you plus all of your downline) referrals will quickly promote you to higher and higher Ranks. For example, if you make a Direct Sale while your downline has between 3 and 10 sales, that Direct Sale goes into your 2A Lane and you will earn $680 (2 PV) for each Shield sold by you and your downline in your 2A Lane.

Lane assignment is done for you automatically to ensure that you are paid the maximum commissions on every referral sale. As downline sales occur, and The Goloka Project's Educational Team will train and inspire all of your customers to promote The Goloka Project, so you are assured of receiving downline sales, and your Point Value Commissions for the referrals of your downline will be automatically paid to you.

Promoting The Goloka Project

Sending referrals to The Goloka Project is just a matter of giving a gift to your friends that is valued at $597. You will be authorized to give, free of charge, a Lifetime Ekam Vitara Network Membership, to introduce your friends to The Goloka Project. This gift is free and given with no obligation whatsoever. Every Ekam Member is contributing maximum to world peace and prosperity while at the same time enjoying ever increasing Levels of Consciousness with corresponding increases in peace, prosperity and well-being for themselves.

Here is an example of the content we will provide to you for your emails and websites:

Free Lifetime Ekam Vitara Network Membership

The mission of the Ekam Vitara Network is to empower two million people to achieve higher states of consciousness. The collective consciousness that is formed by these two million people is the basis for an entirely new way of living for everyone on Earth. Everyone will participate in and enjoy a new era of world peace, prosperity, love and happiness.

Brahman Consciousness is the highest state of consciousness in this universe. Everyone in the Ekam Vitara Network could achieve this state of consciousness. One who lives in Brahman Consciousness is literally the Divine incarnate, always acting in perfect accord with all the Laws of Nature and radiating a life supporting and uplifting influence to everyone he or she contacts. What is your current level of consciousness?

The Ekam Vitara Network is a collective consciousness field that influences the entire populate of the Earth. The collective consciousness of the world determines if the world is at peace and is a place of prosperity, happiness and progressive life for all. Join the Ekam Vitara Network and elevate the collective consciousness of the world and do your part to establish World Peace.

Your current Level of Consciousness could be understood as a snapshot of your starting point so that not only can the Ekam Vitara Network generate the proper frequencies that will help you the most, but also you can look back later and see how you are developing on to higher levels. You join the Network from whatever LOC you are at and enjoy a smoother ride (i.e., more happiness, more abundance, better health, and greater fulfillment of desires along the way) with the help of the Network.

The Ekam Vitara Network can accelerate your growth of consciousness and enjoyment of life. We all live in a perfect Universe of Abundance, Happiness, and Perfect Health. But our karmic traces are like bars on a cage that we are trapped in - unable to experience the Freedom and Fulfillment that is our birthright. The Ekam Vitara Network empowers you to break free of this cage and come out into the delightful sunshine of Enlightenment.

You have been given a Free Lifetime Ekam Vitara Network Membership (valued at $597)! Your gift will empower you to balance all of your karmic traces and live a life of Freedom and Fulfillment in Brahman Consciousness.


Begin Today!Begin today to work on yourself, increase your level of consciousness, improve your quality of life, enjoy greater happiness, freedom and prosperity, and automatically you will be helping the world in the maximum way possible. Pass this information along to your friends too, and let's build an Ekam Vitara Network of two million and change the trends of time toward a more peaceful and prosperous world for everyone! We can work together and bring in this new golden age on Earth with just two million people in the Ekam Vitara Network.

Click the Next button now to activate your Gift and find out your current Level of Consciousness!

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When you give the gift of a free Lifetime Ekam Vitara Network Membership, we will establish the Membership and contact your referral to answer any questions about their free Membership, and we will discuss the Invincibility Shield Vitara with them. We expect that at least 40% of your referrals will purchase one or more Shields. It is at this point when you will be paid your commission. If the purchase is paid in full, then your commission is sent via PayPal immediately to you. If the purchase is on an installment plan, then your commission is sent to you at the successful completion of this installment plan.

Getting started with us COULDN'T be easier.

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