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The world has entered into the pralaya phase now, and we are accelerating toward the catastrophic events that will come to balance collective karm . At the start of the pralaya phase we see increasing domination by the global elite and a concerted effort to weaken the minds and bodies of the population to insure maximum die-off during the coming natural disasters. There are also many systems in place to facilitate this objective of maximum die-off, such as the network of thousands of outmoded nuclear power plants around the world that are nuclear time bombs ready to detonate when the power grid goes down.

Over the next 10 to 20 years we may be forced to witness the massive destruction of life on Earth, but you can choose to be in the surviving group. The Goloka Project has a comprehensive plan for sustainable, survival communities that will insure your safe passage into the Krishna Golden Age. These communities along with our companion technology of the Ekam Vitara Network will soften the onslaught of natural disasters as world collective consciousness is elevated to higher and higher levels. 7 billion people do not have to perish, which is what the global elite have set as their target. We can avert most if not all of the life-threatening disasters by balancing collective karma in a gentler way, by creating groups of high consciousness people around the world and connected into the Ekam Vitara Network.

But, the time to act is now. Please take a few minutes to learn about the solutions we offer to the problems of fear, tension, poverty, terrorism, constant wars and conflict between nations and within nations. We also offer solutions to individual problems in life, such as chronic illness, pain, lack of prosperity, aging, and lack of fulfillment in life.

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Learn about the technology for rapidly elevating world collective consciousness to a level that will eliminate all wars, poverty, and the miriad problems that currently plague mankind. Plus this technology will help you to accelerate the rise of your own Level of Consciousness so that you will more quickly achieve the goal of human existence, Moksha, and enjoy a life of peace, prosperity and fulfillment.


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Learn about the technology that we employ for life-extension and transformation of our human physiologies to utilize 100% of our full potential and literally reverse the aging process. This technology is the key to your survival, and not only that, it is the key to the realization of the goal of human existence.


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The Goloka Sanctuary Communities provide a simulated Satyug environment for your safety during the pralaya and to create in you a fully realized human being, ready to emerge into the Krishna Golden Age for thousands of years of bliss, joy, peace and love that awaits us.