The Goloka Project Community Dentist and Age-Reversal Research Study Participant - Opportunity Description and Application


$1,600 Average Monthly Stipend

You will be enrolled in the Goloks Sanctuary Community Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Program. With this program you are paid $0.25 for every Member who joins a Community anywhere in the world. We expect Members to join more slowly at first then in the last 3 years will come in at an ever-increasing rate. Click here to see a worksheet with some projections. A total of one million will be joining, so your stipend will be $100,000 for the 5 years, which averages $1,660 per month. Your stipend will be small at first and then will be more than $1,600 in the later months to make up for the shortfall in the early months. Plan on reaching the full $1,600 by December 2021, ramping up from $160 in July, 2020, then $250 in August, to 370 in Setember, and so on.

Live at the beautiful International Headquarters of The Goloka Project at the Santo Tomas Goloka Sanctuary Community of Baja California, Mexico

Ensenada Community Plan with all Features

  • Receive your GolokaCoin Rewards Bonus projected to be valued at $12.5 million at the end of five years, plus
  • Receive a cash, tax-free, stipend of $1,600 per month average for five years, plus
  • Participate in the MahaVideha University Research Study on Satyug Kaya Kalpa Age-Reversal and enjoy perfect health and turn back your biological clock many years, plus
  • Receive a Lifetime Membership and Residence in the Goloka Sanctuary Community, value $1.3 million (value varies based on family size, in this example a family of 4 persons). Enjoy your life in this beautiful 5-star Goloka Heaven on Earth Community health resort for free, no rent, no expenses, organic food, Krishna C60, and everything you need for Age-Reversal and Life-Extension is provided for you and your family. A great place to raise a family with a University and children's School.

Take Back Your Freedoms

Dentist / Dental Surgeon

You will care for the 1,000 Community Residents in a fully equiped Dental Office with a Dental Assistant and a Dental Hygenist provided.

Reports To
The Administrator of the Community.

Job Overview

You are responsible for making sure that patients of all ages and sizes in the Intentional Community have their oral care needs covered. You are also responsible for providing your patients with the information that they need to prevent any problems from occurring to their teeth and mouth. This may include information on what foods should be avoided, how they can maintain proper dental health, and much more.You will help patients recover from any diseases that affect the oral cavity. Diagnosis, preventative care, and treatment procedures to the teeth and mouth are all major components.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Practices the Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Meditation (also known as the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Meditation) two times a day
  • Participates in the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Age-Reversal Study, which includes:
    • take orally the prescribed amount of Krishna C60 Amrit,
    • practice the Pranic Energy Integration techniques and gradually giving up physical food dependence in favor of sustaining life via Prana,
    • remain in an environment free from chaotic electromagnetic radiation
  • Evaluate the current health and condition of their patient’s teeth to determine diagnosis of dental condition, if any
  • Inform their patients on how to prevent dental problems and keep their teeth and mouth as healthy as possible
  • Complete treatment on affected gums, decayed and fractured teeth, and perform tooth removal for cases where there are high levels of decay
  • Consider treatment methods and explain the options with the patient to determine which works best for them based on their situation
  • Keep all equipment functional and clean
  • Maintain dental files for all patients
  • Monitor and evaluate any x-ray images for any part of the patient’s oral cavity


  • Education level –  DDS degree and licensed in your home country
  • Experience – Some time practicing in your home country
  • Specific skills:
  • Take provided training and master the meditation techniques that comprise the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Community Manifestation Meditation
  • Personal characteristics – highly motivated, organized, peaceful and calm demeanor, enjoys solitude and meditation, enjoys meeting like-minded individuals who are interested in achieving Enlightenment.
  • Languages – English is required and other languages are a significant plus
  • Certifications – none required
  • Licenses – Licensed in your home country
  • Physical abilities – able to sit quietly and participate in an audio guided meditation for seven 84-minute meditation sessions

  • Can move to Mexico within the next 90 days and devote 20 hours per week to the SSB meditations, 7-days a week and 20 hours in your dental practice, 5-days a week.

Please submit the following application form:

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* First Name
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* City
* State
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* Telephone
* Email
* Recent Picture Please upload a recent picture of yourself - PNG, GIF or JPG format
* Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
* Birth Time [Help] (hh:mm:ss AM/PM)
* Birth Location [Help]
State or Province:
* Meditation Experience What experience do you have with meditation? Do you practice Transcendental Meditation or Atmavedi Meditation? When did you start meditating? Are you regular in your daily practice?
* Samyama Experience Have you received training in the Samyama Technique? TM-Sidhi Program or Atmavedi Meditation Advanced Program? Please provide any applicable details.
* Current Occupation
* Educational Background

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