The Goloka Movie Project


What better way to reach millions of people with our message than to produce a quality, interesting, exciting and delightful movie about Goloka and the Krishna Golden Age!

Kalakanthi DeviThe Returning to Goloka movie is based on a true story written by Kata Sándor (Kalakanthi Devi or Shanti Daya). There will be action, love, romance, drama and happiness in this movie. Here is the plot:

After a very realistic nightmare, where all around the world there is massive destruction and almost all of the people around the world have died, Emily wakes with a start, heart pounding, and she realizes; she is unhappy; her relationship doesn’t work, she does not like her job, she does not have a deeper meaning to her life and even she doesn’t know herself…

What if the world as we know it will end soon; what was her mission, why was she even born? Did she do her best? Or did she live a life, which was JUST average?

She takes a decision: she doesn’t want an ordinary life, and because of fears, miss the point for living. She wants to be alive, courageous and she wants to know herself deeper.

She breaks up with her boyfriend and moves to India to a Meditation Resort in an attempt to find peace and harmony, and to learn how to live in the present and to discover how to be happy without being dependent on others…. And the most incredible journey of her LIFE BEGINS.

She meets wonderful people, and they support her in many ways. She comes across Visvamitra and Samuel who change her whole life. For the first time she finds out that her nightmare could actually become real very soon. She discovers that the Earth is in danger, and there is a great destruction coming for the planet, but the political leaders of the world do not allow the people to know about it so they can prepare. The cause of this destruction is a gigantic planetary system that is entering our solar system, and it is coming closer and closer. As it passes by Earth, its influence will cause incredible disasters and massive loss of life around the world, like in her nightmare….

The JOURNEY begins and as she looks deeper into herself, there arises an urgent desire to do something for the Universe and for the human race. Plenty of obstacles loom ahead, and she experiences LOVE and complete ABANDONMENT. She has no maps or guides; she has only her INNER LIGHT to get through the DARKNESS and to find GOLOKA; the place where the people are joyous and blissful….. And she discovers, this place not only exists in the Eternity, but can and will exist on the Earth as well…

We need plenty of help to finance, write, direct, produce and act in this movie.

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