Goloka Sanctuary Community Development


There are two major purposes for a Goloka Sanctuary Community:

  1. to provide a sustainable, self-sufficient community that will protect the residents from the many hazards that are likely to occur during the pralaya and
  2. to provide an evolutionary and spiritual environment for people of all ages who are interested in attaining Moksha and transforming their physiology into a Satyug physiology, to become the first generation of the Krishna Golden Age.

The development of these communities present many challenges that you can help to resolve:

  • Architectural - design, zoning issues, development of models, blueprints, construction details, engineering specifications
  • Water - collection, storage, purification, delivery, lake management (rain/snow collection pools)
  • Energy - we need electrical energy for lighting, pumping, and other utility uses (solar panels)
  • Heat - for cooking, heating the buildings, heating water for bathing (solar collectors for heat, methane for cooking and refrigeration)
  • Security - both perimeter control and internal needs
  • Buildings - must be earthquake and fire proof, we plan to use a form of concrete monolithic dome - what is the best approach for construction
  • Ahimsa Dairy - generate sufficient fresh milk for the community, plus we want various dairy products such as cheese, kefir, panir, yogurt, butter, ghee, ice cream. Housing for the herd of cows, management of the herd, feed (barley sprout production as fodder, hay production and storage, grazing fresh grass, water), waste management (convert to methane for heating), plans for the dairy when we are underground due to solar storms
  • Organic Gardens - conventional and hydropondic, mostly inside monolithic dome structures, also we need to grow grains, nuts, and fruits, a plan for food production and/or conservation of the gardens when we have to go underground during solar storms
  • Production and distribution of food, clothing, and personal items
  • Waste management - gray water collection and distribution, organic waste collection, composting, conversion of waste into methane and fertilizer
  • Medical and Dental care for the residents, facilities, personnel, equipment, supplies
  • Recreation - indoor and outdoor swimming pools, game rooms, gyms
  • Fine Arts - theatres, exhibition halls
  • MahaVideha University facilities - library, classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, gym, meditation
  • MahaVideha School facilities- library, classrooms, playgrounds, laboratories, gym, meditation
  • Sri Vyuha Ashram - design and construction of the very large group meditation facility

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