MahaVideha School at Goloka Sanctuary Communities


MahaVideha School LogoIt is very important to accommodate the needs of families with children at the Goloka Sanctuary Communities, and for this reason we have a MahaVideha School in each community. At each community, the school will have about 50 children ages 6 to 17 in attendance.

The curriculum in an MahaVideha School addresses the whole development of the child in a Satyug environment. Satyug is a time when there is total balance in Nature, when all individuals live in perfect harmony with each other and with God. Living life in full human potential is the norm and all around there is only unconditional love and acceptance. All aspects of the personality are developed - physical health, practical skills, moral integrity and strength, emotional balance, socio-ecological awareness and responsibility, intellectual knowledge, creative expression, intuition and spiritual understanding.

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