Returning to Goloka Book Distribution


Helping friends and family understand what is coming is a daunting task! There have been 50 years of dietary poisons, mind control and psy-ops that have significantly weakened the population, making them less intelligent (IQ scores have dropped 14 points, that is over 10% decrease in intelligence) and, by and large, the people are lethargic and complacent by design. The will to live has declined a substantial amount and the value of human life has been reduced as well. However there are many bright, intelligent people still alive and we need to reach those people with our message. The book Returning to Goloka is an excellent way to reach these people.

You can help by visiting book stores in your area and encouraging them to stock the book. You can visit TV and radio stations and give a copy of the book to encourage a report on the Goloka Project. You can give a copy of the book to friends and family.

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