Goloka Project Ambassador Application

This is your application to become a Goloka Ambassador. As individuals contact The Goloka Project for more information about our Communities, the Ambassador provides information about pre-enrolling in a Goloka Sanctuary Community and is compensated for each pre-enrollment personally completed. In addition, the Ambassador is trained in performing a manifestation meditation that creates the energy patterns in the Universe which attracts individuals to pre-enroll in the Communities. The Ambassador is compensated for performing this meditation by receiving an Educational Bonus for every new Member who joins, world-wide, not just the ones personally contacted. The Ambassador is also rewarded with the asset backed crypto currency, GolokaCoin, for every meditation session attended.

All training that you need for the Goloka Project Community Manifestation meditation will be provided to you at no cost and you can start immediately after finishing the training - about 7.5 hours. You will work from anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet. You must have a full-size computer with camera and microphone, or a similarly equipped laptop or tablet computer. You are paid as an Independent Contractor so no taxes are withheld from your earnings. We can pay you in the crypto currency of your choice (BitCoin, Etherium, or Monero) or USD via PayPal.

Earnings from Meditating

Over the 5-year lifetime of this community pre-enrollment campaign, you can earn up to $250,000 by meditating for one period of 90 minutes a day. If you have 3 hours a day free, you can double your earnings. These earnings are paid out to you monthly over the next 5 years as one million people join their Communities.

Earnings from GolokaCoins

To reward you even more, because you are the ones who are making the 1,000 Communities project a success, we want to add more compensation. Now you will receive 0.1 GolokaCoin for each session you attend. If you attend 1 session a day for the 5-years of this campaign, you will have received more than 180 GolokaCoins. This will add over $5 million to your personal wealth.


The GolokaCoin is an asset backed crypto currency. That means every GolokaCoin is backed by the assets of the entire Goloka Community Project. In 5 years when all communities are built and fully occupied, all communities combined will have assets of about $500 billion, including land, buildings and endowment investment accounts. Each GolokaCoin will be like a share of stock in a corporation - equity ownership. The GolokaCoin is based on a privacy cryptocurrency blockchain, and there will be only 18.3 million GolokaCoins possible. That means one GolokaCoin will be worth about $30,000 as the intrinsic value of its share of the $500 billion in assets. So for meditating once a day (1,800 times) over the next 5 years, you will have $5 million in GolokaCoins in your account.

GolokaCoin is much more valuable than BitCoin, for example, because nothing real backs the value of BitCoin. BitCoin has value only because it is a convenient vehicle for the exchange of wealth and people have agreed to give it value and speculators are driving up the price. But a GolokaCoin is like a share of IBM Corporation Stock and has a clearly defined intrinsic value based on the world-wide assets of this giant corporation. Like IBM Stock, the GolokaCoin will have an even higher market value that its intrinsic value, because there will be only a limited number of GolokaCoins possible.

Earnings from Ambassador Prorgram

There is another way to earn money during this 5-year community manifestation period: you can help others to pre-enroll in the Community of their choice. This is the Goloka Project Ambassador Program. The schedule for community manifestation calls for 16,000 new Members joining every month. So, someone must work with these 16,000 people, answer their questions, inspire them to complete their application, and help them with the paperwork and payment. This is the profession of the Goloka Ambassador. We need 800 Ambassadors to handle this number of new pre-enrollment applications every month. As an Ambassador, you will receive 10-25 contacts every week to work with. These contacts come from our Internet marketing on Google searches and Social Media. You will spend about 3 hours a day working with these new contacts and closing pre-enrollments. We expect you will close 1 to 3 pre-enrollments every week at first then progressing to much higher numbers in the final years of the campaign. You are paid a commission for every pre-enrolled Member that averages $615. We are a family orientated community system so the typical pre-enrollment will be a family of 3, and for that pre-enrollment you will earn nearly $2,000. You will also be able to join one or two meditation sessions every day and receive income from that as well. But the income from meditations will be small at the start until the group is 1,000 in size. We expect lower levels of income in the first year of this program from meditations alone. Here is a projection that could help us to understand what may happen (income is per daily session):

SSB Meditator Income Projections

If you choose to be an Ambassador, you will earn more money (see column E above) and immediately, and you will be working about 20 hours a week with your group of contacts.

Plus you will receive 0.10 GolokaCoin for every meditation session you attend. Your GolokaCoins will initially be valued at $30 each until the communities are completed in 5 years, then each GolokaCoin will be worth at least $30,000.

This campaign relies on synergies from all aspects of the Project. For success we need:

  • increasing numbers of meditators producing a greater and greater influence in collective consciousness;
  • more and more Ambassadors to handle the increasing flow of contacts who express interest in pre-enrolling;
  • communities manifesting around the world attracting more attention to the Project;
  • more people pre-enrolling as the Project is better known.

How the Manifestation Technique Works

The 1,000 Goloka Project Communities around the world are being manifested in the physical realm using the same technique that the Creator uses right now to manifest the entire Universe. We know this technique as Samyama. A meditation virtual vitara known as the Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Vitara employs the Samyama technique with three special consciousness programs known as "sutras"; one focuses on balancing the karmic traces standing in the way of Brahman Consciousness, one manifests all 1,000 Communities around the world and the other is targeted to a specific Community.

The Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Program is specific mental mastery training and individual karmic trace balancing to produce the Realization "Aham Brahmasmi" or "I Am Brahman" and the experience of Brahman Consciousness, Moksha Level 4 (Level of Consciousness 900). The experience of LOC 900 necessarily brings along the experience of Moksha Level 1 (Cosmic Consciousness), Moksha Level 2 (God Consciousness), and Moksha Level 3 (Unity Consciousness).

Brahman Consciousness is not an experience in the individual mind; it is the experience of Cosmic Mind - the Mind of the Creator; one Realizes the Role of the Creator and can then change the Dream of the Universe. This is the ultimate experience in this Universe. From this Consciousness of the Creator, we project a new element in to the Dream of the Universe; 1,000 physical Goloka Sanctuary Communities at a point in the future.

Personal Growth to Higher States of Consciousness

This process of creating 1,000 Communities is a wonderful way of balancing all the karmic traces that stand in the way of Brahman Consciousness. Everytime we perform this meditation we make huge steps of progress in our own personal development to Level of Consciousness 900 and we bless our entire world family with a higher collective consciousness. When the Communities manifest, world collective consciousness will be at 350 and the pralaya will come to an end. Peace, prosperity, and happiness will be the experience of everyone on Earth.

If you want to become a part of this endeavor to uplift humanity, achieve your Self-Realization in Brahman Consciousness, and enjoy the abundance and Bliss of being in sync with the Divine Plan for this Universe, please submit the form:

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