Once In Four Million Lifetimes Opportunity


Guru Dev OvalGuru Dev said there are four million species into which one can incarnate. To get a human life is almost as rare as winning the lottery! It is only in a human life that we can achieve Moksha (Enlightenment). So, we do not want to waste this opportunity.

To help you achieve Moksha is the only objective of The Goloka Project. It may seem like we are interested in creating 1,000 spiritual communities around the world, but that is secondary to helping you achieve Moksha. When you rise to Level of Consciousness 600 (Moksha Level 1 or Cosmic Consciousness) you lift a significant burden of karma from the shoulders of your family and ancestors. When your Level of Consciousness crosses the 600 threshold, the LOC of 16 million other people is elevated.

Today, you have a once in a four million lifetimes opportunity to secure Moksha and make a sigificant contribution to the peace, prosperity and happiness of our entire World Family of 7.7 billion. There is a very small window of opportunity. To jump through this window will probably require a major change in your life, but Goal is worth effort.

There are now a fast-track program to help you attain Moksha in the shortest possible time: Become the Master National Administrator in your Country.

National Master Administrator

As a National Master Administrator, you will be responsible for up to 11 Communities in your country and locale. You will receive the following benefits:

Higher Levels of Consciousness Benefits

To achieve the objective of Moksha Level 5, every NMA Team member is enrolled in the Graduate Program at MahaVideha University to earn their MA and DD degrees in only two years. We meet daily on Zoom Conference for 2 hours (if your schedule does not allow time for these meetings now, you can complete your Degrees when you move-in to your Community). Please see these course descriptions:

Everyone also enjoys the benefits of the Goloka Sanctuary Community Invincibility Shield Vitara:

The Community Invincibility Shield

The Shield consists of the following:

  1. Ekam Vitara Network Membership for life[#] – provides the frequencies of the next Level of Consciousness to elevate the member’s Level of Consciousness, while simultaneously contributing maximum to the elevation of world collective consciousness.
  2. MahaYajña Dasha Bhukti Vitara[#] – protects the member from all future karma that has not yet manifested in the life and balances existing negative karmic traces.
  3. God Vitara[#] – magnifies the sadhana of members to rapidly elevate their Level of Consciousness
  4. Atmavedi Meditation instruction with Tri-Mana Samyama on Esoteric MahaMantra[#] – this includes
    • Dharana with your transcending mantra
    • Dhyana – connection with the Silent Witness
    • Tri-Mana Samyama on the Esoteric MahaMantra
    • Advanced Meditation Program with Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  5. Via Maestra Instruction[#] – quickly balance karmic traces on the level of relationships in your life with this potent technique

Plus, all NMS Team Members receive the Past Life Regression Vitara based on all of their negative karma to quickly balance this troublesome karma. 

Akashic Records

Your Past Life Regression Virtual Vitara is created for you, based on balancing all of your negative karma in your Jyotish Chart. This karma from the past colors and influences your current life and is the cause of all of the problems you may be experiencing today. Negative karma steals away your precious time in this human incarnation.

Also, when you enter your chosen Community, you will be enrolled in the full Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme for Age Reversal and Life Extension to transform your physiology into a Satyug physiology. Satyug Kaya Kalpa LogoSatyug is the Golden Age where the average human lifespan is 100,000 years and everyone lives in perfect health, with full ability of all the siddhis and God Realization.

Today we live in Kaliyug, the age of ignorance and death where the average lifespan is only 100 years with poor health, no manifestation of the siddhis and very few enjoy God Realization. The Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme transforms the physiology into a Satyug body of radiant health, youth and beauty, reversing the effects of Kaliyug and establishing a body that is prepared to enjoy the coming 10,000 year Satyug Golden Age.

The Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme combines the secret healing techniques used in India for thousands of years by ayurvedic healers to rejuvenate and give longevity to royalty and holy sages, with new Dhanvantri prescribed techniques, the amazing C60 Amrit, a special totally electromagnetic radiation free environment, and the manifestation of certain siddhis (levitation and pranic energy lifestyle) that result in total integration of the anamaya kosha and pranamaya kosha to transform the Kaliyug physiology into a Satyug physiology.


As a National Master Administrator, you will receive a Lifetime Goloka Sanctuary Community Membership and a 1 to 4 bedroom apartment, according to your needs. This package is valued at more than $800,000.

In addition, you will earn approximately $100,000 in Shield Vitara Commissions and Education Bonuses, paid in cash over the two years of this campaign.

The cost to join this program and receive all of the benefits mentioned above is determined by the costs in your country and is fully refundable*. If you would like to join the NMA Team, please submit the form on this page and put in the comments "NMA" https://www.golokaproject.org/join


* fully refundable application deposit - this application deposit is refunded within the 30-day application process when 1) after due consideration you decide not to join The Goloka Project International or National Master Administrator Team, or 2) we decline your application. If you need help with the application deposit, please write to registrar@golokaproject.org and we may be able to help you with a grant. Explain your financial situation in the email and we will respond right away. Before you write, you should submit the application so we have your information.

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Carol Hargett, Louisville, Kentucky , July 26, 2020 at 12:40 PM | Reply
I’m interested in this program. I will research it more so I completely understand the responsibility’s.
Thank you!
Carol Hargett

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