Goloka Project Donation


We are accepting donations to help with the development of Goloka Sanctuary Communities world-wide. This is a most important project to insure the maximum number of new citizens for the first generation of the Krishna Golden Age.

Also there is a full-length motion picture in the works and your donation will help to launch that project. This movie will depict life in the Krishna Golden Age.

The book Returning to Goloka is being published now and funds are needed to promote this book as well as producing a video about the Goloka Sanctuary Communities.

MahaVideha University and MahaVideha School are also included in the Goloka Project and will benefit greatly from your donation, which will be used to provide educational resources for the students. You can also specify your donation for the Scholarship Fund to help sincere students with financial needs.

Sri Vyuha Ashram is accepting donations to support individuals on the full-time Sannyasa programs: Gopa (for the men) and Gopi (for the women).

Thank you in advance for supporting the Goloka Project as we work and play together to structure the foundation of a new and exciting life in the Krishna Golden Age!

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