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Devas are celestial beings that are responsible for all growth and maintenance of living structures. They work on the level of Manomaya Kosha under the direction of Vajra, the Indra or king of the celestials.


Maharishi explains:  "... when the mind gradually, gradually becomes more capable of refined perception, on that level you’ll be able to see, “Yes: this is positive, this is negative; this is collapsing, this is emerging” - two different values - “This is silence, this is dynamism. It’s an experience.”

And then you’ll see, “Yes” - what is the sound of the Veda, and what is the gap between two sounds: the word and the gap and the word and the gap. This is what the flow of Veda is. It’s an experience on your own level of consciousness. And there you will feel - and there you will feel: What you’ll feel? Those agencies which are called Devatas. You’ll see the Devatas in the words of the Veda, and you’ll see different Devatas changing the words of the Veda in the gaps. The secret of the Devata is in the gaps. And the gap is what you experience in the Transcendental Consciousness. That is why the Veda says, “In this field of the collapse within the gap, you have the Devata, which makes the abstract - which makes the unmanifest - flow.” The unmanifest flow is how the gap flows from one side of it to the end of it, and then transforms the initial word into the following word - the flow.

Who makes it flow? There must be someone who makes it flow, and there must be someone who can start the flow, maintain the flow, and end the flow. And these are the agencies, the instruments ... which start the flow, which maintain the flow, and maintain the flow in a particular order; and then end the flow.

This is the world of the devata. This is the world of those agencies which maintain the dynamism in the field of silence. It’s most delightful, and it’s most enjoyable field of knowledge ... that experience where the Vedic sounds can be recognized what the sounds are - not only the sound, but who is at the basis of the sound: the Devata - because the sound flows when it flows from one point to the other point, from one to the other, from one to the other. Then, in sequence, some other Devata takes over. One Devata goes from here to here; the other goes from here to here; the other goes from here to here; the other goes from here to here. This is the structural dynamics of the Vedic language. This is the structural dynamics of the total field of knowledge, which is at the basis of all creation, in the field of the unmanifest. This is Vedic science: all about what it is there in the field of the unmanifest.


There’s a world of abstract realities in the transcendental field. There is a world of that. And that world is more competent and more capable of our world, which is limited to sensory perception. Our world of sensory perception is also governed by the Devatas. Eyes have their own Devatas; ears have their own Devatas. It’s a matter of knowing them—and knowing them on the basis of their causal value, the causal value. Because this is not the common education, that’s why people don’t know what is the cause; they just surmise on the effect only. But the education should take the people to the basic values of transformation. And they are there in the structure of the Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, Atharva Veda. It’s a world of its own - but that’s a world of the eternal existence, infinite range of life, infinite possibilities. That is at the basis of the unmanifest; that is unmanifest, that is unmanifest.

The Vedic expresion to explain this is Richo akshare parame vyoman / Yasmin deva adhi vishve nisheduh: “These richas, the laws of nature, the Constitution of the Universe, is in the transcendental field. There, in the transcendental field, reside the Veda. ”The words reside in the Veda. So it’s not a conceptual reality; it’s a physical reality which resides somewhere. Where does it reside? It resides in the transcendental, self-referral field of consciousness - eternally resides." (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, On the Devatas - from Feb 8th, 2006 press conference) 

So we understand that devas are literally created from mantras through the agency of consciousness. The entire universe is created from sound and results from the samyama of Lord Brahma on the entire Rig Veda. Sound, created in consciousness, is the origin of everything.

Every cell of the body has a deva that makes it alive. The collection of the trillions of devas of the cells creates an indra of the body or what we call the deva of the body. This indra is the intelligence and shakti of the body and knows exactly how to create a perfect human physiology that is free from all disease and imbalance. We can communicate with and cooperate with the deva of the body to live a life in perfect health.  The MahaVideha University course Atmavedi II will give you the technique for communication with the deva of your body.

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Preface Third Edition

We are now in the Third Edition of this book and this is because of the nature of this illusory Universe. Our Universe is literally a dream in the mind of the Creator, so we should not be surprised that this dream is not that stable, like any dream, it is constantly changing. The dream changes from the perspective of the Creator and it c ... continue >>

Chapter 1.
The Cycles of Time

There are various accounts of the age and origin of our universe from ancient scriptures and scientific theories. I have studied many of them, including Creationism from the Christian Tradition, Creationism from the Vedic Tradition, Catastrophism, and Darwinism, and also researched this topic in consciousness using the tec ... continue >>

Chapter 2.
Our Universe is a Hologram

We need a better understanding of the nature of this “relative” universe that we live in, so we can come out of the matrix of illusion and see the world for what it is. To us, the universe and our lives may seem real, solid and definitely not an illusion. This is because we are embedded in the illusion. The magic show is all ... continue >>

Chapter 3.

Religions often refer to God's Judgment and how He metes out punishment for sins and transgressions against Him. This is a somewhat irrational way to explain karma. For one thing, God never punishes - He loves and accepts everyone. Contrary to most religions, God is not jealous, or wrathful, and is not seeking vengeance. These c ... continue >>

Chapter 4.
The Great Global Deception

Humanity has been under what has been called “the great global deception” for the last 500 years. We have been told that the earth is a spinning globe in a vast, limitless space and human life is an extremely insignificant part of this universe. However, we know from our daily experience, simple experime ... continue >>

Chapter 5.
Balancing of Karma

Taking a Vedic perspective and if the Ekam Vitara Network is not successful, we believe the pralaya will come and will be an ELE caused by the karma balancing effects from Surya, Rahu and Ketu. Together these Grahalokas administer the karma of accidents, sudden ... continue >>

Chapter 6.
Exit the Illusion Matrix

PsyopsBy now, in the depths of Kali yuga, almost everyone is trapped in this illusion matrix consisting of the scientifically engineered ... continue >>

Chapter 7.
Surviving and Thriving

We are not interested in just surviving the effects of the pralaya. No, we want to thrive during this period and use this time wisely to develop spiritually and physically for the joys awaiting us in the Krishna Golden Age. If the Ekam Vitara Network is successful at eliminating the need for a pralaya alt ... continue >>

Chapter 8.
Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme

First, some background on this revolutionary program to transform an aging, limited Kali yuga physiology into a vibrantly healthy, youthful Satya yuga physiology. Granted, this may seem fantastic to some, but almost everything in this book is fantastic: from the realization that the world is not at al ... continue >>



There is one objective for human life - Moksha. That is the only worthwhile endeavor because Moksha brings freedom, freedom from struggle, freedom fro ... continue >>

About Visvamitra

Visvamitra is the name given to me by Guru Dev when he accepted responsibility for my evolution and existence in September 1994. It is common for the Guru to give the new disciple a name as an ideal to become. Since Guru Dev desires that I become Visvamitra, which means "friend to everyone", I whol ... continue >>

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