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The Âtman

The Âtman is the personal representative of Krishna in this universe for every jiva and contains the memory of the jiva's accumulated karma. Hence we sometimes speak of "my Âtman" or "your Âtman." The process of entering onto the path of Brahman Consciousness begins with the Âtman, as does life itself and the gift of a human body in the first place. The Âtman is the personal version of Lord Vishnu that is gifted to every evolving being by Lord S'iva at the first instance of pragya-aparadh to serve as the guiding light through the maze of mâya to eventually bring the jîva home to Unity or onto the path of Brahman Consciousness. As our guiding light, the Âtman is loving, passive and cooperative, never manipulative or dominating.

Pictured on the right, the Âtman is depicted in the form of Lord Vishnu, standing in the lotus of the heart as the bright and constant star of peace, love and hope in everyone's life. Âtmavedî, Part I has considerable detailed information about the Âtman.

The Âtman is the planner and guardian of our lives - the creator of the Divine Blueprint for each of our lives which maximizes the balancing of our karmas along with providing for opportunities to gain greater knowledge and ultimately acquire the gift of Unity Consciousness and even Brahman Consciousness.

Therefore, the first and foremost goal of everyone's life should be to realize his or her Âtman. By realize we mean to make the presence of the Âtman completely real, as real as the presence of one's own life. The Âtman is a non-physical celestial being, some may call it the "guardian angel" and others "God." Hence, being a subtle being, the Âtman is not known to most individuals at all.

  Atmavedi, Part II  

To realize the Âtman, one must first establish conscious, two-way communication. The Âtman is not to be prayed to only in times of adversity, but rather to be constantly communed with like one's most dear and trusted friend and guardian. Guidance received from the Âtman is most precious to life and will ultimately lead the individual into greater happiness and freedom. To establish this priceless communication is surprisingly simple when the proper technique is applied. In Âtmavedî, Part II there is a complete technique for anyone to use to immediately establish direct, two-way conscious communication with the Âtman.

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