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The Grahas are the Lords of Karma, responsible for balancing all the actions of evolving jivas that are not in accord with the Divine Plan in the Mind of Lord Brahma, the Creator of the Universe. When your Âtman decided to bring forth another physical life for you, the influence of your karma was the determining factor which resulted the type of body, social, and environmental circumstances that became your life.  The Grahas were consulted at that time to assist in organizing a life that would balance a portion of your accumulated karma.

The Grahas are highly evolved jivas in Brahman Consciousness who were appointed to their posts by Lord Vishnu. Out of compassion for the evolving jivas drowning in the sea of their accumulated karma, Lord Vishnu gave the Grahas the ability to transmute the karma of jivas who appealed to them for grace through the practice of yajña. Lord Vishnu also created Jyotish to provide a guiding light for the struggling jivas.

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