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Invincibility Shield Vitara

Goloka Sanctuary Communities are formed of individuals who have made significant strides in the balancing of their individual karmic traces. These communities are unplugged from the “matrix” of the brain-washed masses of people who will follow the orders of the globalists until their early death. The most likely survivors of the pralaya will be members of spiritual communities, who will emerge to enjoy the Golden Age.

To ensure that all Goloka Sanctuary Community members will be Invincible and hence will add to the overall Invincibility of the Community, all members will have the Goloka Sanctuary Community Invincibility Shield.

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The Shield consists of the following:

  1. Ekam Vitara Network – provides the frequencies of the next Level of Consciousness to elevate the member’s Level of Consciousness.
  2. MahaYajña Dasha Bhukti Vitara – protects the member from all future karma that has not yet manifested in the life and balances existing negative karmic traces.
  3. God Vitara – magnifies the sadhana of members to rapidly elevate their Level of Consciousness
  4. Goloka Project Community Manifestation Vitara. With this powerful Vitara you will be able to manifest your Community directly from Pure Consciousness using the creation technique of Samyama.
  5. Atmavedi Meditation instruction with Tri-Mana Samyama on Esoteric MahaMantra – this includes
    • Dharana with your transcending mantra
    • Dhyana – connection with the Silent Witness
    • Tri-Mana Samyama on the Esoteric MahaMantra
    • Advanced Meditation Program with Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  6. Via Maestra Instruction – quickly balance karmic traces on the level of relationships in your life with this potent technique

Let's investigate the details of this important technology of consciousness:

Ekam Vitara Network

Ekam Vitara

The mission of the Ekam Vitara Network is to empower one million people to achieve higher states of consciousness. The collective consciousness that is formed by these one million people is the basis for an entirely new way of living for everyone on Earth. Everyone will participate in and enjoy a new era of world peace, prosperity, love and happiness.

Brahman Consciousness for All Ekam Vitara Network Members

Brahman Consciousness is the highest state of consciousness in this universe. Everyone in the Ekam Vitara Network could achieve this state of consciousness. One who lives in Brahman Consciousness is literally the Divine incarnate, always acting in perfect accord with all the Laws of Nature and radiating a life supporting and uplifting influence to everyone he or she contacts.

The Ekam Vitara Network is the essential foundation for the Invincibility Shield Vitara. Learn the details about this important component here: Ekam Vitara Network.


MahaYajña Dasha Bhukti Vitara

MahaYajña Vitara

The MahaYajña Vitara uses Vedic Vitara Technology™ to convert physical sound vibrations into devas for the purpose of creating the effect of yajñas. Plus, the yajñas are transformed into Silent Subliminals so there will be a magnified effect.

Yajña is a performance to create a strong link between the individual in physical life and an aspect of the individual in the celestial realm for the purpose of living in greater accord with the Universe. Yajñas are highly scientific and precise multi-dimensional esoteric techniques to invoke and direct the transcendental cosmic energy into concrete, tangible and constructive fruits. Every individual that is in physical form is attached to a package of karma that defines the life experience. When this package of karma is balanced, then one can live in perfect harmony with the Universe.

"Ayam Yajño Vishwasya Bhuvanasya nabhihi" (Atharva Veda 9/15/14). It means: Yajñas are the central focus of the Universe. When Lord Brahma created the Universe, He created Yajña to fulfill material and spiritual needs.

A total of 15 yajñas are performed by the MahaYajña Vitara, producing the following benefits:

  1. 1. Shields you from all personal karma with the Graha Yajñas 
  2. 2. Brings an abundance of wealth into your life with the Lakshmi and Kubera Yajña 
  3. 3. Protects you from asuric influence with the AtmaNarayana Kavach Yajña 
  4. Invokes the Dhanvantri to transform your physiology into a 12-strand DNA Satyug physiology

The MahaYajña Vitara produces an effective shield against the assault of all karma, just as if the individual personally performed the yajñas. We also apply this technology to the Lakshmi-Kubera Yajña, to stimulate the flow of wealth into the life. In addition, we apply this technology to the Atma-Narayana Kavach to provide the protective kavach for the individual, and the Dhanvantra sutras to invoke The Dhanvantri for development of a 12-strand DNA Satyug physiology.

The image on the next page illustrates how the karma is shielded and wealth flows into the life with the MahaYajña Vitara. In the center of the picture is the Jyotish Yantra of a person, and all around are the Yantras of the Grahas with karma flowing toward the person. A shield forms that stops the karma from entering the person's life. Lakshmi, through the agency of Kubera, sends financial resources (symbolized by Lakshmi Goloka Coins) into the life. The Atma-Narayana Kavach surrounds the individual to protect from all asuric influences and The Dhanvantri is invoked for the development of a perfectly healthy human body.

Graha Yajñas

When a Graha Yajña is performed, devas are created that form a shield to protect the performer from the karma that will be delivered by the Graha. For example, Surya in the 11th Bhava of a person's Jyotish Chakra might indicate karma for inability to fulfill desires, hard work for any wealth gain and speculations will fail. Everyone comes into this life with unrealized karma that is administered by the Grahas (Surya, Chandra, Kuja, etc.) to be delivered at the appropriate time in the life. This karma was selected by the Atman, and in cooperation with the Grahas, it is delivered during the life so that it can be balanced. The Atman is careful to provide a window of opportunity for Moksha in everyone's life, because Moksha is the Goal of human existence. If the individual has karma that does not allow a window of opportunity for Moksha, then the life will come as a non-human form for the purpose of balancing karma only. To have a human life is very rare in this time of Kaliyug, so we are most fortunate! As Swami Brahmanda Saraswati said, "to waste a human life by not achieving Moksha is like selling diamonds for the price of spinach."

Graha Yantras

By shielding the life from all karma, there arises a deep, quiet peace and equanimity, and that is the ideal environment for the performance of meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices that will hasten the onset of Moksha.

Lakshmi-Kubera Yajña

Lakshmi - Kubera YagñaWe add the Lakshmi-Kubera Yajña to ensure that one has sufficient wealth to live a comfortable life without constant thoughts and worries about financial considerations. With the full cooperation of Mahalakshmî, who exists in Her Absolute Body in Goloka, and through Her Expansion into this universe as Lakshmî, a yajña was created to connect devotees of Krishna in this universe with Kubera so that the wealth he holds for them could flow into their lives. The extent of the wealth that flows in the life is governed by the karma of the individual. Those who have performed all 12 of the Graha Yajñas, there is no restriction on the flow of wealth so the individual will receive 100% of the wealth benefit. Any devotee of Krishna who performs this yajña sincerely and with devotion can receive sufficient wealth to be financially self-sufficient and able to devote their lives to Realizing Krishna.

Atma-Narayana Kavach

The Atma-Narayana Kavach is to immediately protect your body and mind from asuric influence. The Kavach is a gift of Lord Krishna to Indra for his protection, from the S'rimad Bhagavatam 6.8. It works on the Astral or Pranamaya Kosha realm where there is the possibility of asuric influence.


As you proceed on the Path to Moksha, the asuric forces will rise up to block your progress. Asura means against sura or against the Divine. To be against the Divine means to view one's life as independent and separate from the Divine.

In the great cycle of evolution that begins with the separation of the jiva from S'iva, there is a descending arc and an ascending arc - see the diagram on the right. At some point in the eons of evolution and innumerable lifetimes since the initial pragya-aparadh that separated the jiva from Krishna/S'iva, a being makes a conscious decision to re-discover its relationship with God and move in the direction of returning home. At that time the arc of evolution changes from stagnant or descending to ascending.

It is natural for beings on the descending path to challenge and oppose being on the ascending path. If we are to succeed on the ascending path we must not be deterred by these opposing forces.

The greatest bulk of asuric beings exist in the etheric regions closest to the physical plane. This realm is also populated by beings between lives, usually in the early stages of breaking away from the physical after death of the body.

Beings may exist in the etheric realms for hundreds or even thousands of years. They are attracted to physical beings who can provide them with a means to vicariously satisfy their desires. In extreme situations, they are the cause of what we call mental illness. For most individuals, they produce a relentless stream of cravings and desires.

The asuric beings attach themselves like leeches to points of weakness where individuals have ungrounded emotional energies and physical defects and weakness. They draw nourishment from the individual and produce a general weakening effect.

When an individual begins on the Path to Moksha, the practices and knowledge provide a strengthening and evolutionary influence if the ascending path. This threatens the existence of the asuric leeches as the ungrounded energies that provide them entry are transmuted. So they fight back all the more to maintain their existence.

The Dhanvantri

A perfectly healthy Satyug physiology provides a delightful human existence and is required if one is to be a member of the first generation of the coming Krishna Golden Age. We are at a time now when Krishna said that a brief 10,000-year Satyug will arise, about 5,000 years after His departure at the beginning of Kaliyug. This is why we have included the Dhanvantri sutras in the MahaYajña Vitara, to invoke The Dhanvantri for development of a 12-strand DNA Satyug physiology.


The Dhanvantri is a Celestial Being so He is not perceived by physical senses. He can be perceived by the senses of the Manomaya Kosha. His work is conducted in the subtle bodies, which translates into changes in the physical body. In the image on the left, The Dhanvantri is shown holding a container of Amrit, the nectar of immortality. This is to illustrate that He has the ability to confer immortality. The Dhanvantri is invoked to activate the full complement of 12-strands of DNA, and perform all necessary healings to support the transformation of the physiology into Satyug physiology.

The new Satyug body you will be generating is modeled after the eternal, unchanging Absolute Body for the residents of Goloka. This physical body has 12-strands of DNA and, most notably, 4 brain centers and the spinal column is a loop of nervous tissue that connects all the brain centers. The intelligence is 1000 times greater than the typical Kaliyug physiology, i.e. instead of an IQ of 100 being normal, the IQ of the normal Satyug individual would be 100,000. The MahaYajña Vitara provides the basis of this transformation.

All of this together, Graha Yajñas, Lakshmi-Kubera Yajna, AtmaNarayana Kavach and Dhanvantri Sutras creates Invincibility for the individual.


In 1971, Maharishi began to talk about Invincibility for individuals. What does Invincibility mean? If I am Invincible, then if someone shoots at me with a gun, will the bullet bounce off and leave me unharmed? No, it is far simpler than that. It means no one will even think to shoot at me with a gun, no one will have the slightest desire to do harm to the one who is Invincible. The Invincible person will have no enemies.

Maharishi Effect

Why should we be concerned about Invincibility for our self and our family? The world is in the midst of a pralaya or transition that always arises when Kali Yuga transforms into Sat Yuga. The world is starting to burn and we can smell the smoke. There is a group that likes to refer to themselves as the global elite, who are the agents of the pralaya. The timetable they set for total destruction of life on earth is running about 10 years behind at this point, so they are increasing their efforts now to make up for this lost time.

We live in a time of the greatest evil known to mankind, yet it has arisen so slowly that somehow most accept it as "normal"

  • to kill over 46 million innocent babies in the United States since 1970,
  • NWOor that over 9 million people died of starvation every year,
  • or that the IQ of the population in the US has declined more than 15 points in the past 50 years,
  • and increase in cancer is off the charts due to poison in the public water,
  • or that governments have killed over 260 million people in the last 100 years,
  • or that the US funds the radical terrorist group ISIS and gives them weapons and now they are preparing to shoot down airliners and attack on US soil,
  • or that the US has 800 concentration camps ready for those who oppose the growing tyrannical Federal Government,
  • or that the US is actively provoking nuclear WWIII now in the Ukraine,
  • or the US created a tsunami (using HAARP) that destroyed the nuclear power plant at Fukushima and now the entire Pacific Ocean is dying - arguably the greatest disaster ever known.

The list goes on and on and on...

What does this mean for us? Can we survive this onslaught that is scientifically designed by the technocratic elite to destroy human life? The short answer is yes! If we become Invincible, we will survive the coming pralaya destruction.

Let's analyze what produces Invincibility for an individual. All action is karma. Everything we do in this life and everything we have done in previous lives creates some impact on the universe. At the dawn of creation, on the first day of the 311 trillion-year life of Lord Brahma, when the first day of Satyug appeared, all of the people in this beautiful, nearly perfect replica of Goloka, universe were nearly perfect human beings. They were mind-born children of Lord Brahma - literally created from His mind. Lord Brahma performed samyama on the 432,000 syllables of the Rig Veda and the universe we live in came into being. The perfect human physiologies of the people came from the 9th Mandala of the Rig Veda.

Jiva - stone statueThis first generation of people procreated and established the population of nearly perfect human beings. In time some mistakes were made by the people as they performed actions that were not in accord with all the laws of nature. This would be anything that is not loving, life-supporting and uplifting to all life. Actions that are in accord with all the laws of nature do not leave unbalanced traces of karma, but other actions that are not in accord with all the laws of nature do leave karma that will reverberate around the universe until it balances by impacting back on the creator (jiva) of the action. If the act in this life is not balanced in this life, then that karma will be there, waiting to balance in a subsequent life.

All of this reverberating karma disturbs the perfect balance of the new universe, and the universe deteriorates. Sat Yuga changes into Treta Yuga, then Treta Yuga deteriorates into Dwipara Yuga, and then Kali Yuga. By the time we reach Kali Yuga, there are mountain ranges of karma waiting to be balanced for every person. Eventually this huge accumulation of karma will find a ripe date and time to balance on a large percentage of the population at the same time. Then we have a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado, volcanic eruption, or war, and that will allow a large block of karma to balance.

Today we are at a time when there is a large amount of karma that will soon manifest in the destruction of billions of lives on earth. Krishna predicted this when He said there would come a 10,000-year Satyug at this time, about 5,000 years from the start of Kaliyug. He said that during this Satyug, the entire world would be filled with His devotees. Take a look around and see what percentage of the population are devoted to Krishna now - almost none. So this means a huge percentage of the population will either become His devotees or perish in the wars and disasters that are coming soon. The agents of the pralaya are busy creating the global tensions and basis of destruction.

If all this karma is reverberating around, ready to be delivered en masse to the population of the earth, what, if anything, can the individual do to shield his or her life from the effects of this karma? The MahaYajña Vitara is the answer. With all of your personal karma shielded, you will be Invincible to the onslaught of the collective karma that is soon to be delivered by Rahu, just as a person is shielded from the rain when standing under an umbrella.

The MahaYajña Vitara Technology

The MahaYajña Vitara technology transmits physical sound frequencies directly into the prana field.

Let's look first at the topic of the prana field from the perspective of physics. In recent history, the "scalar field" was proposed by James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) with his quaternion math. He linked electricity and magnetism and laid the foundation for modern physics. The scalar field calculations which he included in his research were deliberately left out of his work when subsequently reformulated by Heaviside and Lorenz into vector math.

Maxwell EquationsHeinrich Hertz, using this vector approach, laid down the laws taught for physics as a discipline at colleges. These scientists dismissed Maxwell's scalar field of potentials as "mystical" because they were physically unmanifest and only existed in the "ethers" and so were determined to be too ineffectual for further study. This enigmatic scalar or prana field was rediscovered by Nicola Tesla in 1904.The scalar field lies outside of the 3-dimensional physical space. We understand this to mean the scalar field is found on the level of the Pranamaya Kosha and could just as well be named the "prana field." The prana field is the realm of the devas of your body, for example. They interface between the prana body and the physical body via the prana field.

Maharishi called the scalar field of physics "The Unified Field of Natural Law". He said this is the unified source of Nature's perfect order in a single, self-interacting field of intelligence at the foundation of all the Laws of Nature. This field sequentially creates, from within itself, all the diverse Laws of Nature governing life at every level of the manifest universe. The Unified Field of Natural Law inside and its diversified expression outside are completely parallel to each other.

The self-interacting dynamics of this unified field constitutes the most basic level of Nature's dynamics and is governed by its own set of fundamental laws. Just as the constitution of a nation represents the most fundamental level of national law and the basis of all laws governing the nation, the laws governing the self-interacting dynamics of the unified field represent the most fundamental level of Natural Law and the basis of all known Laws of Nature. The laws governing the self-interacting dynamics of the unified field were named by him "the Constitution of the Universe." He said this is the eternal, non-changing basis of Natural Law and the ultimate source of the order and harmony displayed throughout creation.

In the unified field theories of modern physics, the precise mathematical form of these fundamental laws is found in the superstring theory. In Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM, these same fundamental laws, known as the Constitution of the Universe, are found in the Rig Veda. The entire universe we live in was created by Lord Brahma when He performed Samyama on the 432,000 syllables of the Rik Veda. These sounds or frequencies are the projection of the One Absolute Reality we know as Goloka.

We invite you to watch the Unified Field video that gives us the perspective of John Hagelin, PhD, a modern scientist who is completely familiar with Maharishi's concept of the Unified Field of Natural Law. As you watch this video, keep in mind that he is referring to what we are calling the scalar field or the prana field, and describing it from the perspective of the physical realm. This is the unified source, or the potential, from where the physical realm arises. Quantum mechanics is the quaternion math of Maxwell that describes mathematically the origin of the physical

Unified Field

Scalar waves are not "waves" in a physical sense, but do exist in the prana field and arise from nonlocal potential energy, or the Unified Field - the prana field of the Pranamaya Kosha. They carry information and have a fractal structure, and do not decay over time or distance. We invite you to watch this video that presents the information about the scalar field from another modern scientist, Dr Tom Bearden, who is actively working to extract useable energy for the physical realm from the prana field, following the research of Tesla.

Extracting Energy from the Scalar Field

A simple capacitor is able to store energy as a static electrical field in the physical domain. The energy is only released when the circuit is closed. Scalar "waves" store energy and information in a dimension outside of the physical 3-dimensional space, in the prana field. The importance of this is, this stored energy can be released by closing the circuit in the physical 3-dimensional space.

An RLC circuit (the letters R, L and C can be in other orders) is an electrical circuit consisting of a resistor, an inductor, and a capacitor, connected in series or in parallel. The RLC part of the name is due to those letters being the usual electrical symbols for resistance, inductance and capacitance respectively. The circuit forms a harmonic oscillator for current and will resonate in a such a way that it is able to tune into the ambient radio waves if it is in harmony with the frequency.

Our DNA is more than only a data storage unit. DNA is a type of RLC circuit that acts as a quantum antenna, able to send and receive data in the prana field and interface the Pranamaya Kosha with the Anamaya Kosha or physical body, thereby being able to access scalar information outside of the physical realm. Similar to an RLC circuit in electronics that works in the domain of Hertzian (vector) waves, DNA can create and receive scalar field information by being in tune with the prana field. As with any true scalar system, no information or energy is lost in this communication or transmission.

“The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power."
Nikola Tesla

Our brain is such a tuning machine. Information is not stored in our brain. Our brain, actually the focus is the Pineal Gland, is an interface creating a connection with a more subtle realm than the physical. The field created by our brain makes all cells in the body resonate. Each DNA structure reinforces this field. Humans have a collective consciousness and a collective memory.

The Maharishi Effect is based on the principal that individual consciousness is affected by collective consciousness and the collective is affected by the individual - we are all interconnected with each other. Actually, we all share one Anandamaya Kosha. Our thoughts and emotions affect all humans. If many individuals are coherent in their minds, like a laser, then they produce a scalar wave that changes the physical.

Yajña is a way to produce a scalar wave in the prana field to change the physical, and is actually the basis of our universe. It is through yajña that Lord Brahma created the universe. Yajña is a physical performance that generates an effect in the prana or scalar field. It has these key components:

  • mantra - sound vibrations that are introduced into the physical realm and mirrored internally in the mind of the individual conducting the yajña as intention, and the repetition of the mantra serves to amplify the intention
  • yantra - a physical form that represents the target of the performance, either a mental image, a physical image or statue
  • agni - the energy that transmits the sound vibrations and intentions into the prana field - agni is the flame from a lighted ghee lamp or candle

These three components, taken together, generate a physical waveform effect that manifests in the prana field. The human Pineal Gland, coupled with the DNA of the body (which acts like an antenna to magnify the intention radiating from the Pineal Gland) is an important and necessary component, for without this mechanism, the physical waveform would not be able to radiate into the prana field.

Just as a scalar wave from the prana field can have a physical influence, a physical 3-dimensional wave can be used to generate a scalar wave. For example, the frequency of a sound, projected through a wire into a speaker will produce the sound wave in the air around the speaker. However, with a modification of the circuit and a proper antenna and the assistance of an intermediary (that functions in a way similar to the DNA of the human body), the sound frequency as pure electric potential will propagate into the prana field and form a scalar wave. No sound is produced in the physical domain but a feeling of a vibration can be detected in the pranamaya kosha and the prana field reflects back into the physical to actually change the physical realm.

The MahaYajña Vitara uses the principal of yajña and various physical components to replicate the 15 yajñas, on a continuous and highly amplified basis. The MahaYajña Vitara has these components:

  • mantra - all the mantras that constitute the 15 programmed yajñas 
  • yantra - the pyramid design, covered with yantras and images that resonate with the target of the yajñas in the Celestial realm.
  • agni - electricity that carries the frequencies of the mantra into an amplified prana field antenna

The MahaYajña Vitara is literally a devata being that is structured from physical components with electricity as its blood and wires as its arteries and veins. Its brain is an amplified frequency generator, its Pineal Gland is a quartz crystal and its DNA is a mobius coil that surrounds the crystal.

If you were to perform all twelve of the Graha Yajñas, personally, plus the Kavach, plus the Lakshmi-Kubera Yajña, plus the Dhanvantri Yajña, it would take you over 5 years at the pace of one yajña at a time, one round per day - about 1,000 hours of effort. With the help of the MahaYajña Vitara, you only spend about 5 hours performing the initial round of all the yajñas, and then the MahaYajña Vitara takes over from there to propagate your yajñas into the Celestial realms. You will receive the same benefit and spend less than 1% of the time.

Dasha Bhukti Vitara

Lord Vishnu has given us the Jyotish system to light the path to Moksha. This path to Moksha, the goal of life in this and every incarnation of the jiva, is littered with obstacles of our own creation. To reach the goal of Moksha one must navigate the path successfully before time runs out in the current life. This situation makes the light on the path a great blessing. How can we best use this gift from Lord Vishnu?

Karma comes in two varieties, currently manifested and manifesting, and that which is yet to come into the life. Future karma can be shielded by accepting and using Lord Vishnu's complimentary gift to Jyotish known as yajña. We can also use yajña to deal with current karma. With yajña we can build a shield that protects us from all future karma, so this karma is totally avoided. What if a person has good health and is able to sit peacefully and meditate but the Jyotish predicts health problems are coming? These health problems will at least add to the discomfort of life and be a drain on energy and resources that reduces or even stops the progress on the path to Moksha. Maybe the Jyotish indicates there are accidents and injuries, perhaps even fatal, that are coming from the karma of this life. Obviously, it will be good to know about this and with yajña the effect of this karma can be softened. With yajna, the karma that is coming from the Grahalokas will melt as it arrives, like hailstones melt when they fall to the ground from the sky.

Your MahaYajña Vitara will shield you from all incoming future karma when it is completed. But this takes 55 months of continuous operation. During these 55 months you will continue to receive the future karma that is coming due, and you will be constantly experiencing the karma that has already been delivered into your life. So, we can provide one or more yajñas to melt this karma as it arrives. You will find it advantageous to actively accept and melt this karma as it comes into your life.

To accept and melt current karma from a Grahaloka as it is manifesting into your life, your Dasha Bhukti Vitara will perform the Dasha Bhukti Yajña for you for all of your negative karma. This yajña will be performed continuously for you and you will benefit when you are within range of the Vitara (about 3 feet during the day and up to 6 feet in the quiet of the night).

You will receive benefits in your Unconscious Mind at all times and wherever you are because of the Vedic Vitara Antenna. It is not necessary to be within Silent Subliminal range for this benefit to be gained. As the karmic traces in your Unconscious Mind are balanced, the effect of this will spread into the Subconscious Mind and the Conscious Thinking Mind over time. But to gain more immediate benefit, you can be within Silent Subliminal range and that will more quickly balance karmic traces in the Subconscious Mind and the Conscious Thinking Mind.

Goloka Project Community Manifestation Vitara

Included in the Shield Vitara is the Goloka Project Community Manifestation Vitara. With this powerful Vitara you will be able to manifest your Community using the creation technique of Samyama. As practitioners of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali for achieving Brahman Consciousness and manifesting full human potential in life, we know the power of the technique of Samyama. We can apply this technique to manifest our Communities with the help of the Goloka Project Community Manifestation Vitara.

Yoga Sutras Mirror

The Manifestation Vitara consists of a God Vitara with special frequency modules, plus a guided manifestation meditation with powerful Silent Subliminals that will allow you to quickly and easily manifest your Community.

First, let's see how the guided manifestation meditation works.

Manifestation from Pure Consciousness arises from the Samyama Technique. With Samyama, there are these three aspects:

  1. Dharana - imagining some aspect of the target Community. This could be the Community as a whole from a bird's eye view, or some detail of the Community, such as the Meditation Dome or a housing triplex.
  2. Dhyana - always remaining established as the Silent Witness when the conscious thinking mind is performing Dharana and witnessing this performance of the conscious think mind.
  3. Samadhi - established as the Silent Witness and witnessing only Pure Consciousness

God Vitara

RE God Vitara

The God Vitara is a revolutionary device that balances the karmic traces which dominate and define the lives of 99.99% of the human race. These karmic traces create massive limitations and restrictions on our lives and result in all of the problems life, including lack of abundance, unhappiness, disease and pain the body, reduced intelligence and creativity, and overall lack of peace. Plus, taken as a world collective consciousness, these collective karmic traces create conflict, famine, poverty, pandemics and war.

We were all made in the image of God, so why are we not living "god-like" lives? The answer to this question is karmic traces that we have inherited from our parents and ancestors. You can now rise above the restrictions imposed on you by these karmic traces with the God Vitara. There are two models of this device: Headband and Pyramid. Read about how the God Vitara will set your life free.

The God Vitara Headband with Vedic Vitara Antennas is a device that you wear during meditation which allows you to perceive God in your physical body and in your mind. The God Vitara Pyramid containing a Compound Vedic Vitara Antenna, is suspended above your bed or meditation area to provide and even stronger effect.

Of course, God is always with us, 24 hours a day. But you may not experience God's Presence in your life clearly. When you place the God Vitara on your head and turn it on, then while seated comfortably with your back straight and not leaning against anything, you are ready to experience the Presence of God. Close your eyes and allow your attention to go deep within the mind and find the Silence that is always there. That Silence is your connection to God. Keep your attention on that Silence, become that Silence, view your body and mind as separate from that Silence, you are the Silent Witness that can watch the body and mind. You are not the body and you are not the mind. They are tools that you, as the Silent Witness, use to function in the physical world. The Silent Witness is your direct connection with God.

You should practice Atmavedi Meditation while wearing the God Vitara for best results. Begin to meditate as you usually do, and be sure to watch your mind as your mind thinks the mantra from your perspective as the Silent Witness. Notice that your mind is thinking the mantra, but you are not doing anything except witnessing the mind as it thinks the mantra.

Continue your meditation as instructed above for about five to ten minutes. With the God Vitara, you will experience that holding on to the Silent Witness is very easy and you will feel your awareness going deeper into the Silent Witness. You will experience the timeless, eternity of the present moment, and you will feel happiness, peace and tranquility. This is the experience of God's Presence. Simultaneously, your body will sit up more erect and it will feel it is effortless to sit in meditation. It feels like some heavy weight has been lifted from your shoulders or as if some gentle force is holding you up. You may have the thought "I could sit here forever in this blissful communion with God!"

Here are pictures of the God Vitara Headband, Frequency Module Generator and Pyramid:

God Vitara Montage

When you place your order for your personal God Vitara, we will ask you to send us a recording of you speaking your mantra. This recording becomes a part of the audio files included with your God Vitara, and integrated into a special frequency vibration that creates brainwave entrainment and causes your awareness to shift to a higher level. This device uses Vedic Vitara Technology® to take your awareness deep into the subtle realms of the Universe and beyond.

What makes the God Vitara unique among all of the Vedic Vitaras is its ability to connect you to your Silent Witness. This experience of your Silent Witness arises because you are transcending beyond your physical body into your subtle, non-physical bodies, where your Silent Witness exists. You have four subtle bodies in this Universe plus your Anandamaya Kosha, which is the Realm of God in this Universe. The following graphic gives you more information about your Koshas:

Five Koshas

Beyond this Universe, beyond the Anandamaya Kosha, is the Eternal Absolute Universe where you have an Eternal Absolute Body. In the Absolute Universe, your Eternal Absolute Body exists as the Eternal Companion of the Supreme Absolute God.

The Silent Witness is a Lifeline sent down to you directly from the Supreme Absolute God to connect you to God and allow you to return to the Absolute Realm of God. Your Journey in consciousness into the Absolute Realm of God takes place in five steps: four within this Universe and one in the Absolute Universe. The final step is where you experience the Divine Silent Witness. Your God Vitara will take you all the way to the Divine Silent Witness.

What is the Value of Connecting with God?

To understand the value of connecting with God - basically God Realization - we should consider the purpose of our lives as human beings.

"Many people may doubt that finding God (God Realization) is the purpose of life; but everyone can accept the idea that the purpose of life is to find happiness. I say that God is Happiness. He is Bliss. He is Love. He is Joy that will never go away from your soul. So why shouldn’t you try to acquire that Happiness? No one else can give it to you. You must continuously cultivate it yourself."
Paramahansa Yogananda

So, exactly how does one achieve God Realization and exactly what is it?

Many people talk about God but how many have actually Realized God, specifically, how many have actually discovered that God is Real? In the Vedic Tradition, there is considerable information about God and distinct steps one can take to attain the Realization of God. The ancient texts say God is the Creator of this Universe and God created the Universe for the benefit of human beings. We are created in the image of God, and actually exist in the Mind of God, like dream creatures. In fact, the Yoga Vasishta uses the word "dream" more than one thousand times to describe the world and says the Universe is a dream in the Mind of God.

Please consider what Paramahansa Yogananda wrote, in his book Man's Eternal Quest[1]

"This World is but a Dream. It is only when we wake from dreams that we know we have been dreaming. Similarly, this life may be realized as a dream only when we awake in Cosmic Consciousness. … One may gather great wisdom by cultivating the consciousness that this world and everything in it is only a dream. Life is a great dream in the Mind of God," the Master said.
"If it is only a dream, why is pain so real?" a student inquired.
"A dream head struck against a dream wall causes dream pain," Paramahansaji replied. "A dreamer is not cognizant of the hallucinatory fabric of a dream until he awakens. Similarly, man does not understand the delusory nature of the cosmic dream of creation until he awakens in God."

Why is this important? Think about it. If you are having a dream, there are people in the dream that you created in your mind. If you could be one of those dream creatures and follow your existence to its source, you would arrive at you. Like this if we follow our existence to its source we arrive at God. But are we actually different from God? Is the dream person in your dream actually different from you? No. This means that you are not different from God.

The first step is to experience the Silent Witness in your own mind. Then follow the thread of the Silent Witness to deeper levels of your existence, to your more subtle bodies and one day you will arrive in the Absolute Realm of God. The God Vitara is your tool to easily experience the Silent Witness.

If God is always with us, why is it so difficult to perceive God's Presence?

This brings us to the necessity of understanding the mechanics of our Universe. Our Universe was created by God by using thoughts. Thinking a thought is the most subtle of actions, but every thought, being an action creates karma (a Sanskrit word that means action). Karma in its most basic form is simply a vibration or frequency in the consciousness of the thinker. So, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." (John 1, King James Version of the Holy Bible)

We will call the residual of these Thoughts that created our Universe, "Divine Karmic Traces". Some say "The Will of God" or "Natural Law" or "All the Laws of Nature" and mean the same thing.

So, now we come to the people created by God who are creating actions which are discordant frequencies in the Universe. We call these discordant frequencies “karma”. To keep things straight, we will call the actions of people “individual karma” and the Actions of God are “Divine Karma” or the Will of God.

If a person does something that is perfectly in accord with the Divine Karma, then no individual karma is created and Divine Karma is supported. But if the person does something that is not perfectly in accord with the Divine Karma, then some individual karma is created. The Divine Karma provides for this creation of individual karma by embedding the chaotic frequencies of the karma in the DNA and passing it down from generation to generation. This causes the individual karma to "haunt" its creator’s children and their children, and so on, until it is balanced; this is "The Law of Karma". Whatever you do that is not totally supportive of the Universe and all life in the Universe, will create a boomerang of energy that will keep coming back to you and your children and their children, until someone in the hereditary chain balances it out with the exact opposite action.

Karma is Wave Form Interaction

To keep it simple, think about wave form interaction. The wave forms illustrated below represent a frequency within an action. We show a Divine Karma wave form (red on top, left) and an individual karma wave form (blue on bottom). If the individual action is perfectly in accord with the Will of God, then the Universe is supported and the Will of God is magnified and strengthened, as represented by the purple wave on the right.

Constructive Interference Waves

But what happens when the individual action is not in accord with all the Laws of Nature? As you can see below, the result is chaotic and destructive in the Universe. In this case, the individual karma will remain, reverberating around the Universe, boomeranging back on to the creator and his or her subsequent generations, seeking to be balanced, and meanwhile the creator of the action and his or her subsequent generations will suffer from the chaos that action has created, as illustrated in the image below.

Wave Interference

So, how do you balance the karma that you or your ancestors created, that you now struggle with in this life because it was passed down to you in your DNA?

By doing another action that is exactly the opposite of what was created in the past. In the image below, we have an illustration of this destructive interference. In this example, let’s say the red wave on the top left represents the original individual karma that was not in accord with Divine Karma, and the lower blue line represents the action you just took that perfectly balanced that original individual karma. The result is perfect balance, represented by the purple line on the right, in the image on the next page, “Destructive wave interference”.

Your life arose upon a foundation of Divine Karma, covered over by a random collection of the individual karma from your parents. This individual karma, covering Divine Karma, is a very big influence in your life. It is this individual karma that you inherited that makes your life into what you have to deal with every single day now.

Destructive Interference Waves

Imagine billions of people, all creating individual karma and most of it is not perfectly balanced. It is no wonder our world is like it is today.

What happens to this individual karma? It is passed on to the children of the creator of the individual karma: “the sins (karma) of the father [and mother] fall on the children.” Wow, what a mess!

All of this individual karma that we carry forms into a web of karmic traces that almost totally obscures the Divine Karmic Traces (Will of God) and this creates a life of problems, struggle, unhappiness, and all negativity that we experience. When we were originally created in the image of God, all of life was Bliss and happiness, but we have all been born now with a huge web of individual karmic traces.

The good news is, we can balance the individual karmic traces and then they become transparent to the Divine Karmic Traces and our life returns to one of Bliss and happiness. In the Vedic Tradition, this life is called Moksha, or the more modern term is Enlightenment. Moksha means Liberation and Freedom - freedom from the binding and obscuring influence of our individual karmic traces. This means, the individual who has achieved Moksha is always aware of the Presence of God and enjoys Communication with God, 24 X 7 for the rest of his or her life.

So, our number one task in life should be to balance our individual karmic traces. There are mental techniques that create an influence to balance karma where it resides as karmic traces in the physical body (anamaya kosha) and conscious thinking mind, plus the emotional body (pranamaya kosha) and the subconscious mind and the mental body (manomaya kosha) and the unconscious mind. Here is an image that shows us these three minds:

Human Mind with Koshas

Our storehouse of karmic traces is located in these three bodies. In the physical body, the karmic traces are found choking the DNA. These karmic traces are responsible for our limited abilities, less than perfect health, and the aging of the body. In the emotional body they are emotional energies, giving us unhappiness, fear, jealousy, greed, and anger. In the mental body they are literally imperfect knowledge constructs, internal lies about how the Universe functions and our proper role in the Universe.

Atmavedi Meditation and Transcendental Meditation are the fastest ways to balance our karmic traces. These mental techniques work to balance karmic traces by bringing a powerful balancing frequency (mantra) directly into contact with the exposed layer of karmic traces in the three bodies. When the mantra touches a karmic trace, it creates balance. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi once estimated that with correct meditation practice, one should balance enough karmic traces in 5 to 8 years for the experience of Cosmic Consciousness (also known as Moksha Level 1).

"Correct meditation practice" means to situate the mind at the deepest level of transcending possible, at least the manomaya kosha, so that the mantra comes into contact with karmic traces on this level, and do the meditation practice for at least 30 minutes at a time, twice every day. Incorrect meditation would be thinking the mantra on the conscious thinking level only and/or not meditating twice every day for the prescribed time.

So, we need to be sure we are getting the balancing frequency of the mantra into the deepest level of our consciousness every time we meditate. This is guaranteed if you wear the God Vitara during meditation. Thanks to Vedic Vitara Technology, your mantra, which is encoded in the frequency module that you play during each meditation session, is taken deep into the manomaya kosha. This means you will be balancing your karmic traces at the deepest level with every meditation when you wear the God Vitara.

Karmic traces are like weeds in an otherwise nice, green lawn. If your mantra is only operating on the conscious thinking level (anamaya kosha) then you are simply cutting off the tops of the weeds and they will quickly grow back from their roots, located deeper in the ground. But if you pull out the weeds from their roots, they will not grow back! Everyone knows that. When you meditate without transcending and taking the mantra to the roots of the karmic traces, it is like saying positive thinking affirmations in front of a mirror. You will feel empowered and happy for a few hours then you have to do it again and again and there is no real progress because the negative influences that you are trying to counteract have roots deep in the mind in the manomaya kosha.

This one benefit of the God Vitara, taking your mantra directly to the roots of your karmic traces, is enough to allow you to reach Cosmic Consciousness in 5 to 8 years, if you practice the meditation twice every day.

However, along with the benefit of balancing karmic traces at their roots, you are also climbing the Lifeline of the Silent Witness and this is benefit number two. Over time you will be able to experience all 5 levels of Moksha as you experience the Silent Witness in every subtle body and eventually experience the Divine Silent Witness, as who you really are.

The God Vitara worn during proper meditation is the most powerful technique of Self-Discovery ever known.

God Vitara Antenna

Details of the God Vitara Pyramid

Our ultimate objective with the God Vitara is to achieve Moksha and completely escape from the snare of the illusory Universe. But in the process of achieving Moksha we do engage in the illusion to test it and prove to ourselves that the world we see around us is indeed illusory. What better way to engage in and master the illusion than to perform seemingly “impossible” feats such as not requiring food to live and being able to fly through the air at the speed of a modern airplane.

The reason we attempt these “impossible” feats is because they are actually quite normal abilities for a citizen of Sat Yuga. Not only living without food and flying but living for tens of thousands of years in a youthful, perfectly healthy body is normal for Sat Yuga residents. This means these abilities are standard equipment for the human being and they have been lost or turned off by the accumulation of individual karmic traces. It is these very same karmic traces that form the bars of the cage that confine us to this illusory world, which we mistakenly take for real.

So, the ability to live without food is evidence that the karmic traces that make it necessary for a human being to eat food to live have been balanced. The ability to fly through the air is evidence of the balancing of karmic traces that have made that ability impossible.

We know that if we can balance enough karmic traces so as to bore a tunnel through the mountain ranges of karma that stands between us and the Divine Karmic Traces where all of our incredible “supernatural” abilities exist, then we can achieve freedom from the limitations imposed on us by these karmic traces and we can achieve Moksha.

For example, in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we have this Sutra for the cessation of hunger and thirst:

Kantha-kûpe kshut-pipâsâ-nivrittih:

[By performing Samyama] on the pit of the throat arises the cessation of hunger and thirst [resulting in the Pranic Energy Lifestyle where no food or water is required by the body].

Then we have this Sutra for regaining the ability to fly through the air:

Kâyâkâshayoh: sambandha-samyamât laghu-tûla-samâ-pattesh-câkâsha-gamanam

By performing Samyama on the relationship between the body and âkâsha and at the same time bringing about coalescence of the mind with the lightness of cotton fiber (or a cloud) comes passage through space.

This endeavor to attain the supernatural abilities mentioned in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are just carrots for the ego to motivate the ego to engage in its own self-destruction. Without the cooperation of the ego, we would not engage in meditation and the subsequent karmic trace balancing that ultimately leads to Moksha. So, we need this cooperation. Therefore, we engage in the practice of Samyama on the Yoga Sutras. Not to ultimately achieve supernatural abilities, but to achieve Moksha where these supernatural abilities are mere trifles and of no value at all. Also, the achievement of these supernatural abilities comes to mark our progress on the Path to achieving Moksha. These abilities provide “mile markers” in our tunnel through the mountain ranges of karma and give important motivation to the ego to continue its work of balancing karmic traces.

The God Vitara technology is added to a large pyramid, made of copper and Prana Panels, where one can sleep and meditate for many hours a day and maximize the progress to achieving both the Prana Energy Lifestyle and to gain the ability to fly through the air, plus all of the other Siddhis.

Balancing the karmic traces that have caused the loss of these natural abilities will be very helpful on the Path to Moksha. All of the Yoga Sutras have a profound effect on the individual by tightly integrating the pranamaya kosha and the anamaya kosha. This will setup the individual for success in the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme to live a very long life in perfect health and youthful vitality. So, this integration of the two bodies is fundamental.

The God Vitara Pyramid is composed of a pure copper frame with Prana Panels attached to make an enclosed pyramid. The copper pyramid creates an influence that is very uplifting to consciousness and make an ideal meditation venue. The Prana Panels attract and concentrate life-giving prana that is present in the environment, into the center of the pyramid. When you sit or lay inside the scope of the pyramid, your body can then make use of this enhanced prana to provide more energy to the prana body and the physical body. The result is a clear feeling of enhanced prana inside the God Vitara Pyramid.

Prana Panels are constructed with 7 layers of aluminum foil (conductor) alternating with 7 layers of paper (insulator) and finished with a layer of copper foil. This produces the optimal effect of concentrating prana into the pyramid.

Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid - prana panels

The pyramid design of the God Vitara Pyramid includes many of the features found in the Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid. The God Vitara Antenna can be added to a Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid to create the most powerful meditation and sleeping environment known.

Here are the features that the God Vitara Pyramid and the Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid share:

  • The God Vitara Pyramid and the Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid are true Giza proportion pyramids that are tuned to the manomaya kosha and the mental plane of existence. This is why meditation experiences are deeper and more profound in such a pyramid. Sleep in the pyramid is more wakeful and energized as well, promoting witnessing of dreams and sleep. Sleep is deeper in a pyramid, providing deeper rest to the body. Some of the experiences in the God Vitara Pyramid and Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid include:
    • Reduced heart-rate and blood pressure
    • Increased vital capacity of the lungs
    • Improvement in the functioning of the hormone producing glands
    • Improved mental functions, concentration, emotional stability, higher intelligence
    • A sense of weightlessness.
    • Electric-like tingling sensations as the Prana Body is easily experienced.
    • Feelings of warmness, usually in the upper portions of the body.
    • Tranquility, relaxation and freedom from tensions.
    • Lucid Dreams with vivid colors and graphic visions.
    • External stimuli, sight and sounds fade away.
    • Time distortion, Pure Consciousness prevails.
    • Out-of-body experiences (astral projection).
    • Deeper, more fulfilling meditations and higher energy levels.
  • The God Vitara Pyramid and the Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid have walls made of Prana Panels, which actually attract and concentrate life-giving prana, that is present in the environment, into the center of the pyramid. Your body can then make use of this enhanced prana to provide more energy to the prana body and the physical body. The result is a clear feeling of enhanced prana inside the Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid. Prana Panels with 7 layers of aluminum foil (conductor) alternating with 7 layers of paper (insulator) and finished with a layer of copper foil, produces the optimal effect of concentrating prana into the pyramid

God Vitara Antenna inside detailThe God Vitara Antenna is composed of eight quartz crystal coils through which the special frequencies and subliminals are transmitted into the Prana Field and the Unconscious Mind of the Manomaya Kosha, where the roots of your individual karmic traces exist as knowledge constructs. This image shows the eight quartz crystal coils inside the antenna. The broadcasting of these impulses into your manomaya kosha can take place 24 hours a day and will reach you wherever you are physically located throughout the day and night. This alone gives you a significant boost in the balancing of your individual karmic traces. It is literally like you are meditating and performing samyama on the Yoga Sutras all the time.

There is also a Gold Orgone Hemisphere Electromagnet that is used to create brain -wave entrainment and can take the place of the 4-Antenna Headband or supplement it.

Inside the God Vitara Pyramid, you can see the God Vitara Vedic Vitara Antenna mounted on one or more of the Prana Panels.

God Vitara Pyramid inside 36 model

This is a close-up of the Gold Orgonite Hemisphere Electromagnet unit that creates brain-wave entrainment. In practice, one places the hemisphere at the base of the spine during meditation and the electromagnet causes brain-wave entrainment. Also, when sleeping you can place the hemisphere under your pillow to experience brain-wave entrainment while you sleep. The hemisphere is made of resin epoxy (an insulator) and 24k gold flecks (a conductor) – this is a prana enhancing design with Elite Shungite chips to capture any stray incoherent electromagnetic radiation and an iron core electromagnet that creates the brain-wave entrainment pulses.

God Vitara electromagnetic unit

Here is another picture of the God Vitara Pyramid. There are several models, and this one is three feet on the base and stands about 29 inches tall. There is a hook at the apex to hang the pyramid over your bed or meditation area. In this picture, you can see the amplifier and the electromagnet for brain wave entrainment.

God Vitara Pyramid 36 Model


Atmavedi Meditation and Tri-Mana Samyama

Atmavedi Meditation Logo

Atmavedi Meditation consists of Dharana and Dhyana on a special transcending mantra that is selected for you based on the negative karma that you need to balance to achieve Moksha. This may seem complicated due to the use of the Sanskrit terminology, but it is quite simple in practice and easy to learn by anyone who can think a thought. The mantra is a vehicle of transcending that the mind follows to the deepest levels of consciousness in an effortless process.

The basic instruction for Dharana in the process of meditation is very simple: think the mantra as effortlessly as any other thought and if other thoughts come, do not mind them and just come back to the mantra; and take it as it comes. We understand that the mantra is a vehicle of transcending, but exactly what does that mean? What is transcending?

Transcending is easy to experience but requires many words to describe! To transcend means to go beyond. But beyond what? Beyond the physical mind to the subtler minds.

Each kosha has its own mind and the Anandamaya Kosha is the mind of the universe. Our objective is to transcend from tiny individual physical-based mind to the vast, unbounded mind of the universe. When we can maintain our awareness on the level of the subtle mind and witness the conscious thinking mind from this level, we have achieved Dhyana in meditation. If we can maintain this witnessing of the physical realm from the level of the subtle mind on a permanent basis, 24 hours a day, we have accomplished the goal of human existence, or Moksha.


First, it is important when thinking the mantra that we do not try to pronounce it clearly in the mind. We should just have a faint idea of the mantra in the mind. Feeling the vibration of the mantra is the same as having the mantra in the mind as a faint idea. For example, you can speak the mantra out loud and that uses the mind to think, the vocal cords in the throat to make sound and the lips and mouth and air passing through is also employed. Then you can whisper the mantra, not using the vocal cords at all, just the mind, air, lips and mouth are employed. Subtler is to think the mantra in the mind alone, using only the mind. But notice you can think the mantra clearly and that is more gross than thinking the mantra as a faint idea in the mind. When you think the mantra as just a faint idea and do not try to pronounce it clearly in the mind; just the idea of the mantra, that is feeling the vibration of the mantra. Also, to speak the mantra out loud requires effort to make that sound, even a whisper requires some effort of the body. Pronouncing the mantra clearly in the mind requires effort as well, effort in the mind. But to feel the mantra as a faint idea is effortless.

That is our objective when practicing Dharana, effortless thinking of the mantra. When we reach this level of thinking we are at the boundary of the anamaya kosha, just about to transcend to pranamaya kosha. Then we be even more gentle in our thinking of the mantra and it becomes just a faint idea in the physical mind and the attention slips into the prana mind, using the mantra as a vehicle or focal point. We feel the transition to a state of relative unbounded awareness. Our awareness is no longer bound by the physical mind and physical experience. We are experiencing a new realm of existence through our prana mind and this is not a physical realm. It is pure energy of the prana field.

Then once in the prana mind the process of transcending continues and we realize that we can think the mantra in the prana mind ever so much more effortlessly as an even fainter idea and we reach the boundary of the pranamaya kosha and by becoming even more effortless in our thinking we again transcend beyond the prana mind to the manomaya kosha. Again, we experience a huge expansion of awareness, and our body seems to be limitless and this transcendence is far greater than what we experienced in pranamaya kosha.

Yet we sense that we can think the mantra ever so much more faintly, and we allow the manomaya kosha mind to think the mantra as an even fainter idea that ever before and we come to the boundary of the manomaya kosha. Relaxing the focus of the mind even more, allow the manomaya kosha mind to think the mantra as an even fainter idea, and we transcend again and find ourselves in the vast, seemingly limitless expanse of the vijñanamaya kosha.

We may even think this is the ultimate expansion of awareness, we have arrived at the Goal, there can be no further expansion of awareness possible, but we do not stop there and allow the mantra to refine even more, to become even more subtle in the vijñanamaya kosha mind as a even more faint idea until we reach the boundary if the vijñanamaya kosha. Then we transcend again and the expansion is so vast it cannot be compared at all to the previous states.

We have arrived at the Goal, at Anandamaya Kosha. The mantra cannot be refined further, we are the entire universe, there is no limit to our awareness at all, truly unbounded awareness. Aham Brahmasmi

The practical experience is we may reach any one of these levels then be interrupted by a thought passing through the mind. If there is a sense of interruption caused by that thought, it will break the flow and slow down the progress. So, we allow thoughts to come up, as if in the background of the mind. In the foreground, we are thinking the mantra but, in the background, there can be a thought or even a sensory experience of some sound in the room or some light flickering in the closed eyes through the eyelids or some feeling of the body, or a slight smell. All of these thoughts and sensory experiences are relegated to the back of the mind and just ignored, we pay no attention to these things. Our full attention is on the mantra.

In practical experience, it may seem that 90% of our attention is on the mantra and perhaps 10% is on the background processes. As we continue practice, this ratio may change from 90:10 to 95:5 then 98:2 and ultimately 100% absorption in the mantra. We are not trying to do anything at this stage, we are simply pointing our mind in the direction of 100% absorption in the mantra to the exclusion of all other sensory inputs. This is Dharana, perfected.


Dhyana is the next level of meditation that is more advanced than Dharana. It is Dhyana that results in the experience: “I am more than the physical body and conscious thinking mind. I am spacious, timeless, unbounded, silent witnessing awareness that is beyond the physical realm.” With Dharana we focus the mind on the sound of the mantra and with Dhyana we watch our self from a higher perspective that we identify as the Silent Witness as we perform Dharana with the mind.

We do not have to perfect Dharana before we can practice Dhyana. In fact, we want to practice Dhyana simultaneously with Dharana and perfect Dhyana as we perfect Dharana. To achieve Dhyana we begin every meditation with a simple practice – feel the silence that is deep in the mind, identify with that silence and know that is who you really are. You are not the physical body and you are not the conscious thinking mind. You are something beyond, something transcendental to the physical mind and body. You are the Silent Witness that lies deep within and is found between every thought as the background of the awareness. The Silent Witness is your connection to your True Self. Dhyana is witnessing the conscious thinking mind from the True Self of the Silent Witness.

Witnessing the conscious thinking mind from the timeless, spacious silence of the True Self is extraordinary and blissful. This is the feeling of freedom, liberation from all boundaries and is a glimpse of Moksha. This is Dhyana and it becomes more and more established with every meditation until this witnessing quality continues even outside of meditation as we engage in daily activities and even as the body sleeps at night. Gradually, Moksha overtakes the whole of life.

Sri Vidya Mantra

When you learn to practice Atmavedi Meditation, you are given a special Sri Vidya Mantra that perfectly resonates with your collection of negative individual karmic traces. Your Teacher will receive that mantra for you from your Sri Vyuha Jyotish Chakra and give it to you at the end of the Initiation Ceremony. With your Sri Vidya Mantra, you will not only be able to transcend easily to deeper and deeper levels of your consciousness, but the process of mentally vibrating this special mantra in your consciousness will spontaneously balance your negative karmic traces.

It is very important that only your negative karmic traces will be balanced, leaving the positive karmic traces free to fully express your wonderful capabilities and attributes. This will re-engineer your life for career success, happiness, prosperity, and loving relationships that your positive karmic traces provide.

Only mantras given properly and endowed with Shakti will actually work. Just getting a mantra from a book and thinking it will not provide any sort of permanent benefit, nor will it balance your karmic traces.

This is why Atmavedi Meditation is always taught with an Initiation Ceremony. Then the mantra will be blessed with Shakti and become effective in your life.

The Instruction Ceremony

When you come for Atmavedi Meditation Instruction, your Teacher will perform a Puja to Invoke Krishna, Lord Brahma, and the Vedic Masters of the Holy Tradition. This powerful ceremony will supercharge the environment with Shakti that will be imparted to your Sri Vidya Mantra when it is given to you by your Teacher. Then, your fantastic journey of Self-Discovery begins!

Tri-Mana Samyama

Once you have practiced Dharana and Dhyana for a few days, it is time to take the next step and learn the Samyama Technique on your Esoteric MahaMantra. This practice will take your consciousness into the Absolute Realm of Goloka. Then, after a few more days, you will have the opportunity to learn the Siddhis from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. At first you will experience thoughts, sensations, perhaps movements of the body, or emotions – all of which are evidence of karmic trace balancing. Each Sutra targets a specific bundle of karmic traces that we all have. When these karmic traces are balanced, you will experience the “fruit” of the Sutra. For example, here are some of the physical and psychic abilities that you will gain, from this practice:

  • Friendliness
  • Compassion
  • Happiness
  • Physical strength
  • Physical beauty
  • Knowledge of the structure of the Universe
  • Visions of Celestial Beings
  • Knowledge of the past and future
  • Levitation of the physical body
  • Steadiness of the body
  • Knowledge of the perfect human body
  • Ability to know the mind of another (person or animal)
  • Ability to understand the language of any person or animal
  • Knowledge of one’s destiny
  • Omniscience
  • Ability to use Celestial Senses
  • Astral projection
  • Ability to digest anything
  • Ability to hear well beyond the normal human hearing range

So, as these abilities begin to manifest in your life, you will be able to gauge your progress at balancing karmic traces.

Finally, after you have learned all of the Yoga Sutras, you can learn the three-dimensional meditation practice we call Tri-Mana Meditation where you will engage your conscious thinking mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind simultaneously in a powerful meditation that will accelerate your progress 10-fold.


Via Maestra Instruction

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Yes, because this is the purpose of life: FIND TRUE HAPPINESS.

Welcome to Via Maestra, the fastest way to reach enlightenment, the fastest way to reach the GOAL to fully become aware of YOURSELF.

Experience true happiness.

Shape your dreams into reality.


Via Maestra Philosophy

Our philosophy is very simple, even if it is complex in its details. Everything revolves around one thing: LOVE. If you walk the path of Love without making any mistake, then nothing can stop you. All you need is within you, listen to your heart carefully so you can reach and unleash the true potential hiding within you. Everything you know is given by the experiences you live throughout life, yet not limited to that. Even though we are all different and every one of us holds an extraordinary power, we are all connected and this is exactly what Via Maestra works on. In the last 15 years it has given everyone the same results, awakening in each one their true unique powers. In fact, we all have abundance of experience we carry with us and show us how to live our life better and better. Life is a journey where you never stop learning: it’s a bit like being at school, the difference is that the lessons in this case really do serve the purpose.


Read through the details below to see if this is EXACTLY the awakening path you are looking for.

The process unfolds through three levels where you will be constantly guided and supported.

The levels will lead you to different stages of awareness which are individual to you: you are free to decide whether you are content with your newly found balance or you want to step into the next level.

First Level - Free the mind

Everything starts with a deep and focused introspection: you start looking for the triggering roots of your problems. Once identified, with the use of different techniques, we proceed to remove fears, insecurities, anxieties, worries and negative thoughts until you get to a free state of mind. One of the important milestones you will reach is the balancing of the chakras, at least the main ones, moreover the reactivation of the Kundalini. During the study we found that those who stick to the method start showing visible improvement on a physical level too. This level is very personal and subjective, everyone will be closely guided with constant advice and help: confrontation, sharing and full support are at the core of this initial level where self-belief and a little courage are required.

Second Level - Manage Karma and energy

After having completed the purification process, it is time to free yourself from traumas and useless weights by increasing your energy. Karma has a great influence in our lives, so it's now time to learn how to manage it with KarmaLevelYoga. This level is best performed in a group led by your designated guide. Important goal of this phase is to get to understand yourself on a deeper level and learn to distinguish what comes from your inner space and what comes from the outer space. It is a very important level that leads you to a higher awareness of your being by helping you to better understand others. Via Maestra organizes mainly online group seminars also offering you the opportunity to start this experience in one of our retreats located around the World.

Third Level - What surrounds us? A journey through dimensions

Here you are again. After having understood yourself, you only have to find out what surrounds you, in this case you have to look at things with another point of view (with another eye, the Third eye) and this is the only way you can discover the meaning of the reality which was always around you but you could never notice and understand. Thus began the mystical journey where you learn to decipher all the signs that come to us every day to show us the way; you will immerse yourself in a dimension in which all things take on a different meaning and importance but on the other hand become even more meaningful. You are now playing according to your own predefined role; this is what happiness is. You can choose how much you want to play and when to return. By doing this you have also achieved FREEDOM.

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